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coverTo be a child in a divorce is no fun, no matter how old you are – it follows you the entire life. Therefore we will not accept it anymore, we want no more self-realization and self-interest – we want our love and respect back. We will have it in a quiet time with our kids – we want the family back again.
We have to get back to the positive between two lovers – for the sake of our children and ourselves. It is not good that we are so bad at sticking together. And what is the key to connect two lovers? It is in its simplicity: love and respect.

We divorced children have paid enough for the women’s liberation and self-actualization at work – we just want a family that works, some siblings we can rely on – and some parents that concentrate on us and not themselves.

For the important thing is not to be able to run 100 meters in the business suit, and win the company’s scam teddy bear – the most important are the moments you have with her pups a late-night hours, that enjoy themselves, and are happy together. The night hour – and lullaby.

So this CD is a heartfelt call for all our children, divorced, who now even have kids: Fight for one another, not only for yourself, stay after the crisis has scratched, and you feel like dropping everything – do not give up.

Why? Because love and respect is the key – for both children and parents. And we divorced children want it back – and the way we get it is by giving it to our own kids.

How can the songs used?

1. The songs can be used to talk about divorce. Often it is difficult for parents and children to talk about divorce – and a good way to get started is to grab a song. For example, one might ask your child: Do you feel like that child in the song, do you miss dad once in a while? Then you get started

2. The songs are easy to play on guitar – so you can play them for his kids. Chords are in the cover

3. The cd can be put on when the kids are falling asleep – it is the best natural sleeping pill available. You can lie down with the kids, and listen to the album, it’s nice

Listen to the songs click here
Price: 99, – DKK
Label: Rubicon
Release: 2006
Genre: Folk / Pop


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