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Dance of thought

Princess, what I really like about you is the fact, that you have a lot of deep thoughts. I am really impressed. This creates this dance of thought. We reflect each other, and our ideas start to dance in a way. That is really exiting. I am a dancer, so I guess I see the […]

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Princess, I truly believe that marriage is like a vow in the sense, that when you PROMISE someone to be faithful and true, this is a holy word. This gives both the security and trust that is vital for a happy marriage. G-d bless the will to be faithful.

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I love you

Princess, I am sitting here on the eco farm. The birds are singing, and the night shift is over in three hours. I just want you to know, that I really appreciate you. I just really, really like your character, your way of seeing the world and just you. 🙂 So I will be sleeping […]

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Rafah op

Ok, so the Rafah went exactly as I analyzed my way to. The tunnels are too difficult the travel, and it protects Hamas. So there has been no decisive effect of the Rafah op. Maybe something is planned as we speak, I hope so, if not we are looking at some pretty bad options. Let […]

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Our love

Princess, I hope, that the quality of our love, will give you something to make you a better queen. People of Spain really adore you, and the beauty of our love, will give them even more to like you for. G-d bless the beauty of our love.

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Organize communities

I have just been through a lot of fun with my friends in the festival group. It was actually an opportunity to talk to a lot of young people in the group, and one thing really struck me. A lot of the young people of our times are so tired of all the internet related […]

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Follow the trends

Princess one of things that is really important for a royal house is to follow the trends of the time. I have worked a lot with green Change when I had the TV station. So I did a lot of documentaries with energy, forests and so on. This was quite popular with a lot of […]

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Listen mr. Smotrich this is my experience with war. The first thing you should do, is to make plans. You have to set your goals, but you should never tell your goals openly. If you do that, you are vulnerable to criticism, and in war, you can never control the outcome. War is a process, […]

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Good morning princess. When we finally meet, I would like to offer my warmest appreciation and most heartfelt recognition of the beauty of your ways. I hope that this appreciation will give us a strong base to stand on, and make us truly happy. G-d bless the will to be standing on a strong foundation.

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Princess, one of the dreams I have, is for us to inspire a whole generation of young people to be good for each other. In this day and age, young people often struggle with how to be romantic. It has been a while since romance has been in vogue. If people see, that it IS […]

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Beauty of love

Princess, it has been a few days of festivities and happiness, I guess that summer is here and that is just nice. But I really do miss being able to write to you, just a message of beauty and love. Give me a phone number, an email and I will send you the world. G-d […]

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Princess, one of the things, that I have been really talking a lot about is family. However I truly believe, that to continue the work of family you have to include friends also. This comes down to another really important part of life; community. For a long time community has been a left wing strength, […]

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Change tactics

Ok, this is my take on the conflict within the war cabinet. First of all, I do not really think, that mr. Netanyahu is plotting to postpone the inevitable discussion on his role in the 7´th October. Why? Because winning, getting the hostages back and the other goals is the only way, that he will […]

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Strength and beauty

Princess good morning, the city is still sleeping. But I am awake with a lot of pure and true feelings for you. May your day be happy. G-bless the will of strength and beauty.

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Good night

Princess the night is coming, and the wind is sweeping the streets. I have returned from a wonderful festival with a lot of laughs, dancing and joy. Yet, it seems a little empty without you here. Wish you were here. Sleep well. G-d bless the will to find a way to see you soon.

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