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These are my own experience with living under a lot of stress due to my political work. I have a lot of enemies. Some covert, some open. The current foreign minister is an enemy and I have entertained you with my experience with the PET, the secret service. First of all. It is a choice, […]

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Beneath the Torah there seems to be a layer of wisdom, that we have to apply in this war, to make sense of it all. Jews are far away descendants of a diaspora from Scandinavia, so some of the ancient lore of the Scandinavians are possible lore to make for a base of reflection in […]

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Why is it, that we are not going into the peace negotiations with a clear mission to get hostages back? I get it, there is the motivation to destroy Hamas. Yet, why? What is the end goal? What if we destroy Hamas, will that make us safer? We have destroyed empires, yet we have never […]

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Mr. Trump

Oh my g-d political violence, again. First of all, I know exactly how you feel Mr. Trump, I have myself been through the same for the last 15 years. I have managed to survive, but the rest of my friends have either been shot, put in jail or silenced in some other way. I came […]

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Ok, let’s have a look on the current development in the political sphere. My last book “Eden” seems to have an impact on the whole “post war” discussion in Israel. How do we make sure, that Israelis do not divulge into pit fights, and the unity that was created in the aftermath of 7’th October, […]

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The sea

Well, I have been pondering the possibility to make a film a bit more. These are some of my reflections. First of all, the setting could be a voyage. One of the main themes of story telling has been the voyage of going from somewhere to somewhere. The Odyssey one of the first stories of […]

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Let’s make a movie

When we talk about Hollywood, and my ambition to make a film. I truly believe, that it has to have something to do about love, romance and finding that person that truly lifts us up. We have been through a long movement of Meetoo, which has, in many ways been amazing and truly positive. Yet […]

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Haredi draft

These are my reflections on the issue of the Haredi draft. My angle is the historical philosophical. Where do we Jews come from, and hence, how can we siphon some kind of understanding concerning a certain issue. We Jews are coming from Scandinavia, originally, at least this is my own conclusion after doing a lot […]

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Give Netanyahu a break

Ok, let’s see, if we can analyze on the current situation in Israel. First of all, Gallant seems to head the government now. It’s his ideas that are implemented. Netanyahu wanted to excempt the Haredi in the military, Gallant was against, so now there is a Haredi enrollment. When Israel communicates with the US it […]

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Ok, I have just watched the inauguration speech of Mr. Starmer, well done. That was actually an inspiring and beautiful speech. I have really tried to figure out, how to keep our democracies healthy and sound. So, together with Barack, we have kind of made a utopia in the sense, that what we believe will […]

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Welcome Mr. Starmer

Ok, so the power had shifter in the UK. The conservatives are out, and the social democrats are in. First of all, I have been a companion of the conservative rule ever since Cameron. So, it is bittersweet, that the Conservatives have lost. Yet, this is politics. You win some, and you loose some. At […]

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When I did a lot of the peace building in the Middle East ten years ago, it was a peace building that was based on the shared legacy and culture of the Middle East. We are all heirs to the culture that has shaped most of humanity. Law, the republic, trade, religion, royalty, are all […]

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Thanks for the support

Guys, I just want you to thank you for the support, that you all have been doing for a long time. When you are really in need of help, it is often a huge surprise that it comes. And when it comes, it feels like true love and friendship. You did not have to. Yet […]

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EU peace project

It seems to me, that the EU is interested in my peace project in the Middle East. I did apply for a project that would encapsulate the entire project after the peace is won. I think, that when we get to October that is the deadline of the project, probably the peace will be in […]

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Well, it seems to me, that whenever we talk about the HONOR of the Palestinian Arab, things seem to move ahead. I have been pondering it a lot. The fight that is most apparent is the fight for freedom of that of the Gazan Arab, yet honor seems to me, to be MORE important than […]

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