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There is another subject I have been avoiding, because it is a split between two people, whom i really respect a lot. Mrs. May and Mr. Boris Johnson.

They both seem to disagree a little about the course of the EU negotiations. First of all, I try not to take sides. I believe, that both try their very best.

But, the fact of the matter is. That the election was quite clear. It was an in or out vote, and people voted out.

Not reaching that result is not respecting the public vote. In that sense, there is really no discussion on the end result. Perhaps Britain can stay a little in when it comes to business, both sides have an interest in that. But any accept of the EU institutions sway over British institutions, would be a result not respecting the public vote, that is the people of Britain.

When the process has started, there really is not going back on that. How to reach that end is however extremely difficult, because the EU has decided not to engage in the negotiations in any meaningful way, humiliating Mrs. May in a terrible way.

What we need, and that may come from any of the parties of the Tories, is a solution to that problem; how do we end up with an independent Britain.

There really is no other way, cheating and dragging out the negotiations does not solve anything.

But, engaging with a sound and realistic strategy is the only way. I do not believe there is any other way than to just start the separation. Then the EU leaders will come forth and find a way to make a sound deal. Because who needs the deal the most? It is actually the EU. So Britain holds all the cards.

That is the reality of it.

G-d bless the will to find a serious solution to this devastating enigma.

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