Great Britain

It is a problem that we are not able to get past the actual point of really leaving the European Union.

We should do that.

And we should do that by trying to reach a good deal with the socialist part of the Commons.

I know, that Mr. Corbyn is a difficult man to work with, since he is very idealistic in an uncompromising way.

Well, since that is so. We will have to find other people in Labour who are willing to find common ground.

Fight for that compromise, that people wish to find.

After that, there will be a new situation, where we can find solutions to all the difficulty that lie in the wake of all the problems that the aloof EU bureaucracy has give to Britain.

But as the queen once said; get on with it. Find a way, and make sure, that there is ample room for developments on a British constitutional platform after the Brexit negations has finished.

G-d bless the fair isles of Britain.

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