Green tech

Well, the climate change meeting is over, and I think we can already see the framework of something that might actually work.

First of all, the fossile free plan is pretty awesome. Can we make a world that is run on clean energy?

The question off cause still remain unanswered, but the path to such a world is paved with the intention, that it should be so.

But, and this where I believe, that there is a very important point. Reseach and development is an innovative force, you cannot control it directly. What you can do however, is to make a framework around the process that will spur the scientist in that direction. Make a public fund for innovation, pick the winners.

The next step however is very dependent on the governments. The implementation of the green energies needs investment in infrastructure. Take the Tesla, why is it such a sucess, because mr. Musk didnt really make a better car, than what had been made before. Ok the Tesla is an impressive piece of machinery, but the REAL innovation was the infrastructure he built around the car. You can always charge a Tesla whereever you are, quickly and efficiently.

The same goes for all the other inventions, it needs to meet the market, and it needs to get implemented.

What wins the race for a better and cleaner world, still remains to be seen. Power to x is a strong contender to electric cars. With power to x you can actually use the existing cars we already use.

So, that is a strong argument in that direction. Here in Denmark, we are leading in power to x, so we of cause put some of our chips in that hat.

Anyway, there is a phase now of innovation, and there will be a phase of implementation.

These two phases will intermingle, and some technologies will win. Think about the proliferation of the betamax video tapes up against VHS tapes. The betamax was a better technology, but the implementation of the VHS system was more efficient, so the VHS won.

These are some of the dynamics we need to be watching out for.

G-d bless the will to be open and supportive in the development of green tech.

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