Listen, we have to have some kind of an idea about an endgame in Ukraine. What is it, that we wish to make of the war between Russia and Ukraine that is raging right now?

My experience is, going to war is easy, winning is difficult, but creating some kind of system out of the conflict is the most difficult.

When Barack and I went to a very idealistic war in North Africa, we had a huge succes in the war. Democracy was at the forefront of our thoughts, and we really, really tried to make Democracies out of the Northern African countries. But the fact of the matter was, that we did win the war, but we messed up the peace.

There is a very real risk involved in the Ukraine war right now, that there is no peace worth having at the other side of war.

So my best advice, right now, would be for the West, to think about what comes after. How are we going to rebuild Ukraine? What are the ideals we strive for?

Are we going to free the Ukrainians, and then if they are freed, how are we going to make a sound system afterwards?

My best advise would be to think about institutions from the beginning, and then be dead serious. Not just involve an ambassador or two. But make a full institutional remake of Ukraine, send them our best thinkers, and give Ukrainians the ressources to rebuild their country.

Also, make it possible for Ukrainians to come home, and start the rebuilding at once. This way, we forsee some of the conflicts that will come with all the refugees roaming around Europe. We need to help Ukraine on their feet as fast as possible. Make a Marshall plan, but include the motive to make sound, uncorrupted institutions.

Then, perhaps, we can give hope.

G-d bless the will to keep hoping.

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