It has been a while since I have been in company with a Jew. Not that I do not follow things in Israel on the net, but just having friends who are jews, sharing time together, has been a long time.

I am not one of those too enthusiastic converts who wants to do everything better or more perfect than people who have been in a faith for a long time. For me it is different, it is because basically I do not have any family anymore. I have my own little family, but apart from that, I am totally alone.

When I am together with other Jews, I feel like coming home. I suppose it is the familiarity or the fact that I just fit in.

Many Jews have this feeling of not really fitting in, I have the same feeling. It is a feeling of being a little different than everybody else. It is not that people dislike me, or do not respect me. I am just not really, hundred percent one of them. You can just feel it.

Not with Jews, there I am accepted, and really appreciated.

I really, really miss that. My prison here in Aalborg is taking its toll, but I hope it will change, sooner or later.

G-d bless the will to remain just yourself in the face of rejection.

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