King Charles III

Dear Charles, it really chocked me, to hear about your current disease.

I am so, so sorry. I know how these things can be a burden.

I wish it was different, but at the other hand, you have to take the things that life throws at you, and make the best of it.

Here is my advice, from having been sick a number of times, and having worked as a healer and caretaker. Diseases are a way of life. It talks to you, in the sense, that there is a reason for the disease to be there. If there is a stress somewhere in your life, try to get rid of it. A healthy lifestyle is about caring for the world around you. Make sure, it is as stressfree as possible.

Then G-d will help you, pray, be humble in the face of G-d.

G-d is a powerful healer.

Then there is Catherine. The same, pray for her. Make everybody see her for what a wonderful person she is.

I have prayed a lot for both you and Catherine the last week or so. This has helped a bit. But all the prayers you receive after you publicized your health problems will strengthen you in your battle against the predicament.

And then, diseases you get in life are always there to try and teach you something. Make you stronger. This disease is there for you to understand something. At least, this is my experience.

I had a horrible disease at a young age. I almost died of a concussion. I laid in my bed for two year, just looking at the ceiling, watching my life disappear. It tought me the value of faith, because G-d saved me. After praying with all my heart for salvation and help, my disease slowly dissipated. The disease is still with me, as a whisper of olden times, telling me, to appreciate life at its fullest, and live a life of measure. Make it count.

You have an amazing time ahead of you, with the position you have, you can do a lot of good in this world. You can do this at any time.

G-d bless the health of Charles III, may he recover swiftly.

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