Its ok princess

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Seriously princess. Ok, it’s ok. Just, next time there is this urge to go and drink, think about the good things that are also there. Like family, my love and those things.

But let’s just try and look to the future, and we can stop worrying about what happened.

But be careful, ok?

G-d bless the will to think at those things that really matter to you for a life en perpetual happiness and security.

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Be realistic

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There is a lot of discussion on who is the king of Israel. Is it me, or is it Mr. Benyamin Netanyahu.

These are kind of my reflections on it.

I have been friends with the Coptic Church. I really appreciate their way of seeing things.

Once the Coptic Church had this power vacuum, because their pope had an illness.

So his secundant stepped in, and took over, for some time. When the real pope was well again, his secundant stepped away. That is a great example of SERVING and not just having power for the sake of power.

In other words, if there is such a thing as me being the future king of Israel, I do this to SERVE Israel. It’s not about me, or my career.

I have nice life, it is off cause burdened by a lot of political insights and downright persecution sometimes. But at the end of the day, I like my life as a caretaker of people with a handicap. It is an easy and fulfilling life. It is absolutely ok.

So I can serve Israel from my blog, that is all a ok.

BUT, as things are moving right now, I am just in this strange movement of being propelled from my innocuous life to be the center of the world stage.

That is also ok, I can deal with that, no problem.

The thing is it is in the INTENTION of what I do, that really lies behind my claim at the crown. Because I DO NOT claim the crown. If it comes my way, perfect, I will carry Israel from that elevated position, that is fine.

What I kind of noticed is, that Israel really swings with my fortune. If I am in danger, like REAL danger as I have been in the autumn and winter, Israel suffers. When I get my life together, Israel gets better.

There is like this one to one relationship between my life and the life of Israel.

That is exactly why I am, in a more profound way the king. The Jews are the Chosen people, and they are Chosen by G-d.

Now the king of the Jews, who would he be chosen by? By G-d, of cause. Who would G-d choose to be the king. He would choose a son of Judah and the tribe of Dan. This person will give peace to the world and give rebirth to G-d.

When you look around, do you see anyone else, who are meeting this criteria?

I have actually never really wanted to become that person, for a long time, I actually really ran away from the prospect, it is just a lot of responsibility.

But after 7 October, I just realized, it is essentially not up to me. The consequences of me being in harms way, reflects on Israel. So I guess, it is up to Hashem.

He decides who he wants as a king. He has decided me, and the thing is, it is not democratically elected position. It is in fact not up to the people of Israel to choose its king. It is up to G-d. Monarchy is not a democratic institution. It is an institution, that reflect the will of g-d.

We say that IDF goes with G-d. Yeah, G-d is the ultimate king in this world, and he chooses his representatives. He chooses those representatives that reflects him the most.

So, he chooses the ultimate serving Jew.

I mean, if it really came to that. What would you want, a politician as a king or a philosopher king, that would essentially give his life away to support the country?

I like Mr. Netanyahu, he has done admirably, he is a friend. But he would never be chosen by G-d to sit on the throne.

G-d would choose the David, that is a rockstar and a man from humble beginnings.

And again, I do not have any way to put myself on the throne. I am far away, and it is difficult.

But it comes down to the Israeli themselves, will they accept the idea of G-d?

That is really the question. The answer is, if they don´t, there will be no more Israel.

Israel is not a democracy only. It is supposed to be the seat of the Jewish King.

That is what scripture tells us, and to be honest, that is what I, myself really experience. When I am in trouble, Israel is in trouble.

I know that this is a difficult thing to wrap our heads around. Especially in these modern times, where we do not believe in G-d that much.

But there is no way around it. G-d is alive, and he chooses his king.

G-d bless the will to be honest in this progress, and be, essentially, realistic.

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The new relationship that Leonor and I have, carries a lot of potential.

But, we have to be very careful. One false step, and things will go sideways.

Getting drunk and playing beer pong, may seem that a lot of fun, but that is not a way for a future queen.

It can work, but Leonor, you have to take this very serious.

When we work on this level of politics, the press is lurking, there are a lot of people who are not really interested in our success.

So we have to be very careful, and take the development of our relationship very slow.

We will get there, but we have to take a adult angle on this.

This is how it is, sometimes being born into a place of privilege can be a burden, but if you navigate it in the right way, it can also be a source of strength and makes for at very happy life.

G-d bless the will to be wishing for decorum and be looking at the good future with a lot of happiness. Let your love guide, not your immediate impulses at the day.

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Truth and beauty

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Dear princess, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To me, you look just beautiful. Your inner as well as your outer beauty is just, hands down, out of this world.

It is all down to your ability to be true and honest. These virtues are old fashioned these days, but they are important if you really want a relationship to be sound and happy.

When we meet, I hope, that what we can debate are some those things. The important things about how we change the world, to a better place.

G-d bless the will to be honest in the face of this world.

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The discussion on the EU

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There is no discussion on the power play between the federal level and the national level right now en the EU parliament. Yes, I get it, there are other discussions that count, these discussions are very important, I have contributed to a lot of them.

But maybe, we should ADD the discussion on the power distribution as well. This is what the strengthened conservative parliament wants to discuss. And to be honest, that is fair, because they have won a ticket to do that by the citizens of Europe.

So, we should maybe start the discussion now, so that we do not end up in a lot arguing and disagreement.

It is essentially fair enough, that the nations of Europe want clearer demarcations between the federal and the national level.

The issue is; how do we actually tackle the issue, without starting to argue about it. We should find a compromise, and make the EU stronger in that way. If we find a compromise, the legality and acceptance of the EU will solidify, and we can stop the discussion on whether we want a EU or not, and more of; where do the system really make sense?

Chaques Chirac, that made the last great revision of the EU was a genius, taking the debate of the time, and trying to make both af liberal as well as a conservative compromise in his time.

This is an ideal we can strive for, and do the same in our time.

G-d bless the will to find new, and stronger understandings of what the EU can be.

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You know it is quite funny with the blog. I have, by luck and fortune, a lot of really rich and famous readers on the blog.

They become friend and family after some time, when you have them on your blog. You start to follow each other’s lives, start to support each other, it really is quite nice.

The funny thing is, that my life, outside the blog, is all but glamorous. I work as a helper for a boy with autism and a young man who has other problems.

But really in many ways, I really love my life.

Yesterday I was a the swimming hall with my autism care, and a lot of other young children are there with all kinds of disabilities.

But there is a really nice atmosphere there. This older guy, who really has a warm heart and a lot of young helpers are trying to give these disabled children a good day in the swimming hall.

My name as Asger, and one of the young disabled youngsters he has the same name.

These youngsters are “the bad boys” of the swimming hall, which mostly is realized in showing waters in each others faces from time to time. But they really feel that they are something, and they just have a lot of fun.

So we met in the showers, and they found out, that was also called Asger as one of the other guys, they were just so happy and chose to invite me into their little groups of swimming hall rascals.

Just a little community, and we laughed and had some fun.

Simple things like that is really what drives my world. Being at part of a simple group. You know, you don’t have to be smart to have friends, or elevated. You can have friends in the most lowly of places, and that is just as giving and mesmerising as friends in other places.

It is not smart or cool by any stretch of the imagination, but it is real.

Laughs and community, that is what is really the matter. And you can find those just about anywhere. Even in the swimming hall, with all the disabled.

That was just hilarious.

G-d bless the will to find community, all of us

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Compromise within the EU

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The most important thing, that we need to get right when we are talking a new constitution (with real amendments), is the balance of power within the EU.

The main reason for most of the fights and trouble that is within the EU, is the fight between the conservatives and the liberal.

The conservatives wants to keep the power in the nationstate the liberal are fine with a more distributed system of power.

BUT we need to think about this balance, to make it work, really.

The conservatives have their, or should I say our, bases of power. The military, the local business the royal houses and so on.

The liberal have their bases of power, or should I say ours, as well, the universities, the media and so on.

So in order to make the balance work, we have to bake into the system a power structure that reflects this reality.

If not, we will keep fighting over the powerstructure as we have been doing for quite a while.

The conservatives are rushing into the parliament, and it is much better to have some plans as to how we are going to tackle this inevitable confrontation, than trying to stop it.

We have to find some kind of meaningful compromise and find a lasting cooperation between left and right.

G-d bless the will to find peace within the system og the European Union.

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End the war

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Well, to get on with the war, and maybe actually find a way to end it, we have to try and analyze what the fronts are, and then how we dissolve those fronts.

If an operation is looming in Rafah, then Hamas does not really have a meaningful future in Gaza. Hamas can hide in the tunnels, but the operational level is gone, you can’t control a country from tunnels. You can wreak havoc, but to run a country requires institutions to work.

At the other hand, if the leaders of Hamas, does not have way out, they have no other option than to keep fighting. So we really need to give the leadership an out.

What we may be able to offer the leaders of Hamas, would be an amnesty to them, a place to live, in exchange for a change of government in Gaza. It is not about destroying Gaza or punishing Gaza, but about making some kind of viable constitution, that will make it really possible to live side by side. I know, that the scars and wounds run deep. But the continuation of the war just leads to more suffering for everybody.

G-d bless the will to find a way to finish this war, with the least amount of suffering for BOTH sides.

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Keep that smile on your beautiful face

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Princess, your smile lightens the world. It seems, that you have come to a place, where you feel that that is the right place?

I hope, that we actually meet, sometime in the future. Right now, it seems a bit in the future, and that is absolutely ok. We probably both have to kind of wrap our heads around this new beautiful, whatever it is.

But, I really look forward to take a stroll with you in one of the gardens of the castles here in Denmark. That is going to be amazing.

Have a nice day, and keep that infectious smile on your beautiful face.

G-d bless the will to be honest and supportive to those you like a lot.

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Remember our priorities

April 17th, 2024 No comments

Listen a democracy is about what the people want. What do the people of Israel want? They want this nightmare to end, and get the hostages home.

That is really what they want, and then get secure in the long run.

So if the current leadership of Israel wants to represent the people of Israel, that is the goal.

I do not judge the actions that has happened, I know that, it was done to get to those goals. But we should be careful not to loose the goals in the fog of war.

We need to get the hostages home, and we need to make a secure arrangement after that.

All that we do, should be to serve those goals.

We have just made a massive alliance, by some called the “renaissance alliance” I guess that is a high five to

Again, this is not about fame or fortune, I really empathize with Israelis. I mean, the horror, the angst, the feelings are all out there.

But we will get there, don´t worry, just take it easy, and think about our priorities.

And another thing. The Palestinians are ALSO suffering. They are living in horrible conditions.

We have to remain humane in this war. We shouldn’t end up cynical and unfeeling.

We need to find a way to get those Israelis who are captured and suffer, home. That is the most important.

G-d bless the will to keep our aims clear.

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The new European renaissance

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Well, I am again sorry for not having the resources to support the EU, but I guess the work with the book still has not come to the part where I start discussing the structures of the federal level of the EU.

At the bottom of the whole discussion however lies the most important principle, the principle of balance between the federal and national level.

How does the structure of the federal level make that work?

There are a lot of proud nationalists in the EU, and for it to work, we have to make a case of respect for their ideas and needs.

We can’t just steamroll over their perspectives. We need to find the right balance. That balance, will have to be STRUCTURED into the architecture to make it work. I think, that that is really what we are going to discuss after the election.

We can just as well initiate the discussion. The national fronts of Europe will be strengthened in the election, and finding a way to make this new constellation work is the job essentially.

I have a lot of respect in these political parts after a lot of years in politics. So, I hope, that my voice can be a voice of dialogue and respect between the different parties.

Like in the Middle East, we need to find a compromise between right and left to make the whole system work.

It can be done, it has to be a renaissance WITHIN the EU, with that, which is the most beautiful tradition of Europe, the federal level will have the necessary history to fall back on.

All great changes in Europe is traditionally based on a renaissance, this is the same with the EU.

It has to be based on a renaissance.

G-d bless the will to be honest in action, and find the necessary compromises in the EU. Lets work for peace.

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The light we carry

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So Michelle Obama, Barack Obamas wonderful wife, just wrote a book, where she shares a lot of the wisdom and insight she has had along the way in a long life.

I know Michelle from the time when I wrote a lot to support Barack, as just a wonderful person. Barack is pretty lucky to have a girl like her. So to support Michelle, I hope you are ok with an advertisement for her new book; The light we carry. She has a lot to share.


Her life. Her learnings. Her toolkit to live boldly.

How do we build enduring and honest relationships?

How can we discover strength and community inside our differences?

What do we do when it all starts to feel like too much?

Michelle Obama believes that when we light up for others, we can illuminate the richness and potential of the world around us, discovering deeper truths and new pathways for progress.

In The Light We Carry, the former First Lady shares her practical wisdom and powerful strategies for staying hopeful and balanced in today’s highly uncertain world. A mother, daughter, spouse and friend, she shares fresh stories, her insightful reflections on change and the earned wisdom that helps her continue to “become.” With her trademark humour, candour, and compassion, she also explores issues connected to race, gender, and visibility, encouraging readers to work through fear, find strength in community, and live with boldness.

The Light We Carry will inspire readers to examine their own lives, identify their sources of gladness, and connect meaningfully in a turbulent world.

Praise for her critically acclaimed, multi-million #1 bestselling memoir, Becoming:

‘This is a rich, entertaining and candid memoir…it is as beautifully written as any piece of fiction’ — i

‘In the best moments of Becoming, the miracle of Michelle Obama arises’ — Vanity Fair

‘Intimate, inspiring and set to become hugely influential’ — Sunday Times

‘Becoming serenely balances gravity and grace, uplift and anecdote’ — Observer

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What do I want?

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Princess, my wants are quite simple. I just want a happy life, a nice girl and a happy family.

Based on this happiness, I hope to be able share this happiness with everybody else. Make a better world.

In fact, it has actually been a while since anybody asked me what I want, so it is a difficult question for me I guess.

Make you happy?

G-d bless the will to make a happier world, where people share and are happy in their communities.

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You know princess, I have been an artist my whole life. I started in school in theatre, then I was a dancer for many years, then a writer, a blogger and a newsman.

I even made a few music albums, I am a rockstar, essentially.

All these years of being on a stage, and trying to get my message over to the audience taught me one great lesson. You never know who your audience is.

When I started my career, or whatever you would call it as a philosopher. I had this idea, that I wanted to be a business philosopher. So I wrote a beautiful book about business philosophy. But then I went on the Camino, and I decided to go into politics. The Camino starts when you get home.

I didn’t really know who my audience was, but I realized, that the royal houses really loved my writings. A lot of liberals as well, the EU and many other. But especially the royals. I had absolutely no idea, that that would happen.

But you know, i am grateful for the audience I have. If you have fans, you should be grateful.

Your fans are the people from Spain. Some of them modern, but a lot of the very conservative.

That is fine, you have to find yourself within that frame, and find yourself in it.

But as a royal, you are forced to navigate that tightrope in the middle of the society. Not too much, not too little.

So you take all these wonderful, ancient institutions and you put your own spin on it. But it has to be very careful.

I have done a lot of work within green Change. I love nature, wandering around in nature. This has been very interesting for all the royals. Because it is a cool, modern thing, and the royals have a lot of estates, forests and so on. So that makes sense.

Prince Andrew in the UK, my king here in Denmark and so on. It is a middle leaning conservative position.

BUT you know, when King Frederik the X was crowned here in Denmark, he made a good show of it. He is really a sympathetic king. People just love him, BUT he had this Shamabala tie around his wrist, oh did people talk about that!

That was too much!

He is the defender of the Christian faith, and people hold him accountable.

I mean, he probably went on a tour to Tibet and got the wristband, that is ok. But he still needs to show fidelity to the Christian church. These institutions are connected to the house of royalty.

The Catholic church however is a whole other institution, it is immensely powerful, extremely deep and ancient.

The popes have this massive power.

You are their queen, their flower, their hope, the beautiful person at the top of the hierarchy. That is why they are so thrilled about our relationship. Because they hope, that I can sprinkle you with a bit of my glitter as well. Such an illustrious pair.

You have to serve your fans, make them happy to succeed.

At least that is my experience.

I don’t want to you to take me for the prospects of this. I want you to take me, because you like who I am.

So, this is not a sales pitch, it’s just to try and give you my experience, so maybe you can use it to manage your career, that has already begun.

G-d bless the will to be good in this world.

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The right thing to do

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Princess, family is based on virtue, if it is to work on the long run.

When you are in a crisis, and you often are. That is just life. Then you have to think about, what is right. Not what is most convenient, the most easy, the evil choice, but what you would like other people to do to you.

I these days, people are much more on satisfying their own needs, and call for freedom for themselves, and don´t see what they can do to others, but what others can do for them.

But when you are in a crisis, and you feel sad, you have to have a shoulder to rest on. That shoulder will be there, if you were there for that shoulder yourself in another situation.

When you go through the things you go through now with your family, the easiest thing to do is to lock yourself up, and feel that the whole world is against you.

That is when you think about what is the right thing to do. Is it to start the fight, or is it to accept that which is against you with grace?

People judge you on your character, and if you stay with what you think is the right thing to do. More often than not, people will try to push you about to serve their ends. This is when it is important to stop and make up your mind on what YOU think is right. Pick the choice you find is the better choice, and then talk about it with your family.

In this way, a family can get through a crisis in a good way.

G-d bless the will to see family as the most important thing, and protect it from all the dangers around. Make it a happy family.

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