Ok, let’s have a look on the current development in the political sphere.

My last book “Eden” seems to have an impact on the whole “post war” discussion in Israel. How do we make sure, that Israelis do not divulge into pit fights, and the unity that was created in the aftermath of 7’th October, how do we keep that movement going.

It comes down to knowledge of the virtues of the state; justice, wisdom, enlightenment and love or solidarity.

To get the different arms of the state to work better will propel the state of Israel to be on a more well functioning mode.

We have to work on our legal system, make it more just, on our scientific institutions, make them more enlightening, also media has to be serving the light, if it has to work.

I know that my point of departure is mainly Platonic, yet the sources of Plato are the same as all the Jewish legal debate principle. There is some difference in some of the principles, yet the basic point, that the legal system is a tool of justice is the same in Jewish law as in platonic law and there is off cause room for discussion.

We HAVE to be better at the state implementing just, fair and morally clean solutions because that is the problem, at least seen from a platonic perspective, that we are moving into an age of moral corruption, and we need to pulling out bootstraps up, to make the state work again.

This goes for politics as well, we need good servants of the state to be at the head of the states. People who put their country above themselves and SERVE.

In the UK Mr. Starmer has had a brilliant start on the whole debate, and it seems to me, that the UK can be a serious renaissance leader with Mr. Starmer. Mr. Starmer is talking about the positive impact of being a good servant, serving good. So the UK could be a world leader in politics. He has had a good start.

This feeds into the EU debate. Instead of seeing the nation states as competitors see them as something that the federal level should work with and for.

The cleaner the commission gets morally, the better it can be a positive partner. All the secrecy, the lack of transparency and so on must be worked on, to be an example.

So, focus on GOOD.

G-d bless the will to serve the littlelest in our societies.

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The sea

Well, I have been pondering the possibility to make a film a bit more. These are some of my reflections.

First of all, the setting could be a voyage. One of the main themes of story telling has been the voyage of going from somewhere to somewhere. The Odyssey one of the first stories of the sailor going from challenge to challenge. But from a more modern perspective, there is the stories of Joseph Conrad. Again a compilation of yarns and stories with a deep psychological theme beneath it. The voyage down the river to the heart of darkness, discussing the sides of man that was revealed under the western colonization of the world.

The sea is a both feminine as well as potent companion, full of mystery and danger yet also of incredible beauty.

Hemingway also had some of his best works as a dialogue with a fisherman trying to get a big catch back to his village.

Maybe that could be the setting; the sea, it gives room for a lot of drama, and it could kind of tie into the love story.

Then about character building, I mean, I am an international warrior/philosopher and I am dating the crown princess of Spain. So I mean, there is a lot of room for a funny and really deep character building there. The inspiration is there. Add to this, the adversary, the PET which is a KGB like institution in Denmark that is pure evil, makes for a real life bad guy, that is more evil than anyone can imagine.

Off cause we should be careful and not name the persons in real wording, because that would mean, that the PET would start harrowing the project.

So we then need a story.

That would be some of the questioning, a discussion on background music. A classical driven background theme could be an idea.

That could have a potential in creating a new direction in the gender debate.

G-d bless the will to find a new and more positive way for our love lives.

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Let’s make a movie

When we talk about Hollywood, and my ambition to make a film. I truly believe, that it has to have something to do about love, romance and finding that person that truly lifts us up.

We have been through a long movement of Meetoo, which has, in many ways been amazing and truly positive.

Yet after a fight, there should also be a time of healing.

What we need now is healing. We need to find each other again, and truly connect.

Here the platonic soul mate ideals are a path we can take.

These ideals are just eternal and beautiful.

So maybe make a movie about that? It would probably push all the right buttons with the audience as well, and Plato really gives a lot of depth and understanding to these issues.

It moves on a very, very high theoretical level and at the same time, it is both practical as well and easily understandable if you tell it in the right way.

So hit me an offer to copilot a manuscript. I have mostly worked in journalism/documentary in Denmark, yet I know most of the craft, and have a story to tell, so I could probably help make a really good movie.

G-d bless the will to find healing in love again.

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Haredi draft

These are my reflections on the issue of the Haredi draft.

My angle is the historical philosophical. Where do we Jews come from, and hence, how can we siphon some kind of understanding concerning a certain issue.

We Jews are coming from Scandinavia, originally, at least this is my own conclusion after doing a lot of research. Scandinavians have raided the Mediterranean since time immemorial. Some of the latest settlements are the Rus in Kiev, that has given us Russia.

Jews come from an earlier wave, that was commenced in around the time of Abraham. Some call it the sea peoples, because of the ability to sail.

There are stories about a kinship between the citystate Sparta and Jews. The city state Sparta was Viking as Athens.

So at the root of Jewish culture lie this raider/warrior mentality that is seen unfolding to its classical theme in the Gaza war, with anger and revenge as some of the motifs.

That is how we Vikings act, with anger, revenge, war and mayhem.

You can also see it reflected in the pantheon of Jewish angels. The Jewish angels are both pretty and raw.

Take the angel Thehyagrah that work destruction. The archangel Michael, another warrior angel.

So war is an integral part of Jewish lore, culture and religion.

Take Moses that was a destroyer with the ten plagues.

Now, this is the tradition. And that is why we are so good at fighting, it’s an integral part of Jewish lore.

Some say, that we are the best.

Yet, seen from an ethical perspective, you could first see it from a Viking perspective. That is, at least from what I have understood from the fishermen here in Denmark, who are the remnants of Vikings in Denmark and also from understanding the runes. Anger needs to be UNDERSTOOD in order for it to work. That is what has been our downfall in this war. We let the anger lead us, Instead of listening to the anger and then act strategically.

Yet seen from a more modern perspective, you can see the ethical reflections in the tree of Kabbbalah at the left side, you have the pillar of severity and at the other side the pillar of mercy.

So you could argue, that there is a BALANCE In between severity, that is punishment and strictness and mercy that is acceptance and understanding.

In other words, the tree of life has this balance incorporated and is then a more advanced ethical concept than war, revenge and fighting.

So, to conclude. We are warriors, we have always been warriors and will always be warriors. As a new thing we have this punishing army, and we need to find that balance between Geburah (severity) and Chesed (mercy).

This is, from my perspective, that underlying ethical ideas and reflections you can use on the Haredi draft. War has always been here, the question is, how do we find BALANCE.

G-d bless the will to find balance in the war against Hamas.

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Give Netanyahu a break

Ok, let’s see, if we can analyze on the current situation in Israel.

First of all, Gallant seems to head the government now. It’s his ideas that are implemented. Netanyahu wanted to excempt the Haredi in the military, Gallant was against, so now there is a Haredi enrollment.

When Israel communicates with the US it is Gallant and not Netanyahu.

Netanyahu is really marginalized in his own government.

At the other side, the Palestinian Arab are really feeling the heat, and are close to calling in. That must be said, that that is due to Netanyahu. So in a way it is a bit unfair, that Netanyahus policies seem to work, and he is getting more and more unpopular.

So I am not picking sides, just stating the obvious and I think we need to give Bibi a break.

He is hard pressed, yet he is actually getting things done. Despite all the pressure from around the world.

G-d bless the will to see clearly in a foggy war.

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Ok, I have just watched the inauguration speech of Mr. Starmer, well done. That was actually an inspiring and beautiful speech.

I have really tried to figure out, how to keep our democracies healthy and sound.

So, together with Barack, we have kind of made a utopia in the sense, that what we believe will have to drive Change is an ethical renewal or renaissance within civil service.

The virtues of the all the arms of the state has to be renewed. A more just police, a sharper and more progressive scientific institutions, better media, all based on a secure and sound community.

We have been going the wrong way for some time. Having a more just state will reinstate the trust from the public in public institutions.

There is one point, that I have come to understand, through my own fight to give those of little a voice.

A society must be judged by the wealthfare of those who have the least.

The abandoned, the poor, those who does not have much.

People with little means are often most dependent on the state. More often that not the state is arrogant. At least to my experience.

Here in Denmark we have had a long discussion on the unemployment civil services. They are all just run on making sure that they pay as little as possible to those unemployed.

Sometimes they torture people.

Some of these austerity measures, as the UK also has had, must be made much more sound and fair.

We should make sure, that we are not overspending. But the economic rationale that is behind the current treatment of the poor is cynical and heartless.

Making sure those who have the littlest are treated with compassion is vital.

G-d bless the will to see people for what beautiful individuals they are even those who have very litttle.

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Welcome Mr. Starmer

Ok, so the power had shifter in the UK. The conservatives are out, and the social democrats are in.

First of all, I have been a companion of the conservative rule ever since Cameron.

So, it is bittersweet, that the Conservatives have lost.

Yet, this is politics. You win some, and you loose some.

At the end of the day, a loss will make you stronger, if you learn from it.

So now we have to go into a creative mode, where we find out what went wrong, and what are our answers to that.

At the same time, welcome Mr. Starmer, you are, by all means, a sympathetic and wise man.

G-d bless the will to understand what are the challenges we face today, and how to do something about it.

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When I did a lot of the peace building in the Middle East ten years ago, it was a peace building that was based on the shared legacy and culture of the Middle East. We are all heirs to the culture that has shaped most of humanity. Law, the republic, trade, religion, royalty, are all ideas that was born in the Middle East and still thrives in many places.

Ethics and philosophy is an integral part of all the governments in the Middle East.

So finding bridges between the different creeds was what worked.

So I went and did other things. And left my work pretty much undone. This some of the background to the 7’th October, at least from my perspective.

It culminated in the problems I had with the Danish authorities, that set an end date to my ideas in the Middle East. But I have come back, through an arduous and often very painful process, I have proved my mettle, and have proved that I am not finished, and I am still an active player in the Middle East.

So, at least from my perspective, I need to keep being an active part of the Middle East. This is my realization in this “after the war” discussion.

G-d bless the will to stay with the developments you are a part of.

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Thanks for the support

Guys, I just want you to thank you for the support, that you all have been doing for a long time.

When you are really in need of help, it is often a huge surprise that it comes.

And when it comes, it feels like true love and friendship.

You did not have to. Yet a lot of people have been super supportive.

I hope that this support will give us a more peaceful and connected world in the end.

G-d bless the will to show love and solidarity in a world where this is truly needed.

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EU peace project

It seems to me, that the EU is interested in my peace project in the Middle East. I did apply for a project that would encapsulate the entire project after the peace is won. I think, that when we get to October that is the deadline of the project, probably the peace will be in effect.

So, maybe you could consider an amendment to the rules, to make it possible to reapply for phase two?

G-d bless the will to find peace in the Middle East, and may we all prosper.

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Well, it seems to me, that whenever we talk about the HONOR of the Palestinian Arab, things seem to move ahead.

I have been pondering it a lot. The fight that is most apparent is the fight for freedom of that of the Gazan Arab, yet honor seems to me, to be MORE important than freedom.

The reason must be, that what the Palestinian Arab is really longing for is honor and recognition.

It is worth to think about in the negotiations. Besides when you fight someone, who are brave, there is nothing wrong in accolading that.

It is actually much more honorable to fight an honorable opponent, than fighting a dishonorable opponent.

We have to end in a situation anyway, where we are living in peace besides each other. Respecting each other is a given to reach that peace.

G-d bless the will to understand each other.

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The republic

Ok, here is an idea about a movie we may make.

What about a movie about the fight that democracy is in, when it tries to avoid going from democracy to tyranny, that is the normal course of a democratic development.

A bit inspired by Star Wars, that is the same story, of the republic, that tries to reinstate itself after the fall of the old republic.

The hero could be a philosopher/warrior, who is searching for comrades who are ready to stand by him in his fight to make a better, healed and more virtuous world?

There could be a love story involved with a beautiful princess, that falls in love with our hero, as he fights for the redemption of the republic.

So, the depth of the film could be all the intricacies of the political as well as the romantic platonic reflections.

We could have a Yoda like character, who would debate with the hero about the fall of virtue, and the reinstatement of public faith and respect for the virtues like justice, enlightenment, love, faith and wisdom.

That could make an amazing frame around a small series. And yes, we should definitely make it for cinema. So that it carries all the old fashioned virtues of that craft.

What about that?

G-d bless the will to save our democracy from the fall and the tyrant.

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Happy birthday Malia

Malia, happy birthday to you. Such a fine young woman.

I have been a kind of looking over your dad’s shoulders when he was president and after.

So I have witnessed the profound love he has had for you all of those years. He never missed a dinner when he was president, he prioritized you over everything else.

When you are a parent, you really start to understand the value of life. The constant worry, the priority.

They say that nothing lives forever, yet there is in one thing we humans live for eternity, that is in our children.

They are there and they get children.

In that way, that is the only thing that really makes sense in the long run.

The love we have for our children is like a promise for their children as well, and their children and endlessly in this chain of human existence.

So, happy birthday Malia, and may your days be as full of existence and meaning, as you yourself have made for others.

G-d bless the will to be something for those you truly love.

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I believe, that mirroring the idea of paradise seen from a western perspective with the idea of paradise from an Indian perspective will tell us a lot about our own striving.

Indians have an idea of an afterlife called Brahman or Atman (according to Grønbech). This paradise is very different from a western or European perspective. Where we in the West seek to realize paradise on earth, through trying to follow and build ideal societies, Indians believe, that when we pass away we end up in paradise.

The Indian paradise is paradise because it satisfies all our needs at once, and that we are not living in any kind of pain.

The Indian analysis of our suffering is quite sharp. According to the Upanishads we are limited by what we need. We need a wife, a house a good job. If we do not get what we need, we will be unhappy. In this we are controlled by our needs.

The reality is so coincidental, that the chance we either go wrong in our needs or do not meet them, are so great, that even trying is foolish.

Yet as technology progress, the chance for us all to get the most basic needs met are greater and greater. In essence, as we have learned to harness the energy of the sun, we get to be in a position where this energy makes it much more easy to live.

Take a tractor, one tractor work for a hundred people.

This releases a lot of people to do other things.

This material wealth is the basis we CAN stand upon to make an Eden HERE on earth. It comes down to our ability to organize our world, so that we are actually in a position to, realistically, achieve the goals in our lives. A nice spouse, a good job, a house to raise our kids, a community to support us.

This is really what politics is about, to make that system, that makes this possible.

Sound families, in sound towns, in sound countries.

We have the means, and as the world progresses, in the end all of humanity will have this opportunity.

G-d bless the will to create a dream for all of humanity to live.

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Mr. Netanyahu

There is this discussion on Netanyahu and his “Messianic” zeal.

I have been friends with Bibi for many years, we did a lot of collaboration in his first tenure.

So he is a friend.

Yet it’s true, there is some kind of amiable competition. In a sense that is fine, I mean, Benyamin Netanyahu has been elected PM of Israel, I am just a blogger philosopher. So of cause in all earnestly Bibi HAS the leadership.

Yet, Bibi is no king. A king is a rockstar.

Like David, he was both a musician and a king. And Solomon who was a magician and a king.

That is how kings are.

Netanyahu, with all his qualities, he is the most skilled politician in his generation, is a politician. This means, that he has qualities that are important for a politician.

He is brilliant, when it comes to gathering coalitions, he is extremely intelligent and he loves Israel with all his heart. He is the best we have right now.

There is a lot of movement, politically, within the right wing. Mr. Smotrich has adopted some of my ideas, Mr. Lieberman is inspired by Mr. Wilders, that is working with complex of policies that I made. So there is a lot of movement towards my ideas.

This does not mean, that I will crowned tomorrow, but it does mean, that my claim at kingship is strengthened.

In the best of worlds, BOTH me and Bibi will work on the affairs of Israel, and honestly Benyamin, who cares who is king?

Yes, there is a lot of honor in it, even immortality.

But at the end of the day, what is important is ISRAEL, we are ONLY servants to our country.

G-d bless the will to find peace in and around Israel. G-d bless our country.

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