The EU soft power

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One of the things that the EU needs to think about, is how will it wield its power as foreign power.

I have been in the forefront of trying to make a solution in the Middle East, that actually ends up in a peace.

This has been supported by the Commission, in a project, that will hopefully manifest in a full blown dialogue project in October.

If I get the Nobel peace price for my work, that some are discussing, I will be more than happy to share it with the Commission.

Without your support, my own work would not have been possible.

This points to the fact, that the Commission can exert a lot of “soft power”.

This soft power can through individuals as me as a way to make a more peaceful world.

G-d bless the will to make a better more peaceful world through mutual understanding.

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Getting the hostages home

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There is a lot of discussion on the hostage negations. I have followed the negotiations quite a bit.

This is how I see it. There is no such thing as a perfect negotation.

Maybe Mr. Netanyahu made the right calls, maybe not.

But mr. Netanyahu had to work with his backing. He can’t just do whatever he wants. So, I know Benyamin, he is a man of G-d, and a good man.

He did his best in the situation, so we should look forward, and see what we can do right now.

Things are looking very difficult, so we need to stop the internal discussion and take a look at what we can do to make the negotiations actually work.

Dont panic, we are ok, we can do this.

G-d bless the will to get the hostages home.

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Princess, when you need comfort, and I am not around.

You know what I would do? I do something really kind old fashioned and just really sound.

I start to do a lot of praying. I pray to the angels, and I pray to G-d. It may sound a little weird in these days, where faith is not that a part of our daily lives.

But it gives me a lot of comfort. Maybe, that could work for you as well?

The more you connect to G-ds grace, the better a person you become and a really positive spiral comes out of this.

You start to get your life to be a life of real importance.

You begin to think more about what you can do to others, than what others can do to you. This is a path to find real support.

Because then when you are in trouble, and we always end up in trouble somehow, then those who you helped when you had the energy, will help you back. Thereby building a solid foundation under your life.

G-d bless the will to find a good life by sharing and giving to others, especially you.

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Share numbers

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When we kind of met the first time, it was a great moment of recognition. It just shook me in a sense.

Now we are at, then what?

Princess to be honest, I am very far from your world. It has been a long time of difficulty for me. Luckily a have a lot of really good friends, who have helped me. So I am ok.

Then you come along, and all the promise that is in that, kind of made my philosophers head go all into dreams of beauty and you know being really happy.

I just trust, that when the angels are with us, we will find a way. And they are.

For whatever it is worth, this is something special.

So maybe it is time, to share phone numbers and talk directly?

G-d bless the will to find a way for love.

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Von der Leyen

April 21st, 2024 No comments

There has been a lot of discussion on ms. Von Der Leyen and her course.

She is herself from the conservatives, and may be a good card to play, after the election.

It comes down to her ability to reach out and connect with the other conservatives as they enter the European parliament.

Will she be able to make a compromise with them?

So, if she has success with this, she may be the person we are looking for.

G-d bless the will to find constructive solutions to the challenges of the European Union.

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To carry a heart

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Princess, when you had your little drinking bout, and that is ok and all. The effect on me was, apart from being a bit flustered, that my arm really started hurting.

That is what it really means to “carry someone’s heart”. If you are not careful, the one you love, will be marked by what you do.

So there is no playing around from my side, it is pretty serious, at least my strained arm can attest to that.

G-d bless the will to be honest about these things.

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New Secretary

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Any questions, please refer to ms. Heidi Jensen at

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Dear princess, if you feel like meeting, that is absolutely fine and really, really amazing.

We can try to reach out to the Danish royal house, maybe they can arrange something. Or we could chat if you want, there are a lot of options.

Or, just give me a call on my phone +45 2712 5191, go through whatsapp, that is the most reachable.

G-d bless the will to reach out and make things work.

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Dream on

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Dear princess. Whatever voyage you want to go on, I will take you along.

There is off cause life, and we both have a lot of things we HAVE to do.

But I promise you, that we will get plenty of time to just sit in the sun and be happy.

We will travel the world, and have a lot of good friends. And later, we will build ourselves what you call a life.

At least, this is what I believe will happen. If G-d wills it, and we are sufficiently protected by the angels.

But we are, so don’t worry. Dream on, and those dreams will come through.

G-d bless the will to be honest in these ways, and find the path of true love.

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True love

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Dear princess, sometimes having to live within these very narrow confines one has to live within as a royal, can be, honestly, really difficult.

You can’t fail, there is no room for just doing a lot of the foolish things everybody else gets to do.

But there also an upside of all this pressure to be virtuous and be a good example.

You get to live a life of beauty and honesty.

You get very good friends, and at the end the day you get these deep and lasting relationships.

That brings you something that is much more important than all the foolery.

It brings you happiness, and a lasting life.

I know, my own life has been one of constant pressure on what I was supposed to do. People don’t like the philosophers to be fooling around.

But the people I get to meet on my journey, the friends I get to have are these amazing, world changing people, who really have quality.

If you make that into true love, imagine the happiness you get.

So these are some of the trade offs.

It is hard to have to living a virtuous life. But the hard work you put into it, gives you a lot of adventure with those you find your way.

G-d bless the will to do good in this world, and find true love.

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Ok, there a lot of theories behind the proposition that I have presented.

Essentially it comes down to Adam Smith and his theories on free market, that was installed in Europe by Mr. Jaques Chirac.

“The wealth of nations” that Adam Smith wrote that coined the idea of a free market is opposed by another book called Moral sentiments.

The idea being, that you have to COUNTER the free market with a loyalty of the industries to the nation.

That counters the outsourcing of work and keeps the industries in the respective nation.

So if we look at this in a European perspective, we can see that we already have free markets, but we still lack the other part of the equation, that of loyalty to the nation by the industries.

If we support the missing half of the equation, the businesses of Europe will take of like rockets. At least this is what has happened in the US.

We have to be careful not to curb the market the businesses compete on, it has to be free to foster the quality of the products. The competition sharpens the ability of the industries.

So, that is the theory behind it, with my twist over it.

G-d bless the will to make Triernomics in Europe (that is what it SHOULD have been named, with tremendous respect for Obama, who Changed the economy of the US with these ideas).

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April 20th, 2024 No comments

Ok, as I understand the issues of the EU, there are really two issues, that ponders the mind of the commission.

One is the rise of the national wave, the other is economy. How do the countries in the EU compete with the US and China.

First of all, again, we are talking about BALANCE here between the federal and the national level. Finding the right BALANCE is really the issue.

So how do you make money?

Economy means household in Ancient Greek. So really it is about having more income than what you spend. It is as simple as that.

The hard part is; how do you MAKE MONEY.

Well the problem is, that the Chinese use a lot of cheap labour and copy most tech from the US and Europe. So there is a criminal case there, we have to think about. We need know how to stay in Europe. This we have been far too lax at.

Secondly we need to protect our core industries. Right now the Chinese are dumping prices on electrical vehicles. The state sponsors a lot of cheap cars, and destroy German EV making by that.

That has to be tackled, there is no way around that. One way os to counter the money that the Chinese invest in the market 1 to 1, so that if China targets a specific marked, the Federal level sponsors the European market to the same extent, or even better, in practice countering these dirty tactics.

You can make walls of tax and so on. China plays dirty, we need to counter these dirty tactics.

Then there is the LOYALTY of the industry. Most industries are loyal to the nation, they are patriots. That is not a problem, in fact it is a pretty obvious bargaining chip on the discussion with the national MP that are supposed to be strong in the European parliament. SUPPORT this attitude instead af working against it. ACCEPT that the local business are pretty fond of the queen or the king. That is ok, as long as they KEEP their industry in EUROPE.

So, that is what I would do to tackle the two challenges in one fell swoop.

That would create a potential disruption of the industry, in the positive way.

At least this what happened in the US, where I proposed these ideas ten years ago. It is, with the lack of a better term; Obamanomics.

G-d bless the will to make a prosperous European Union. May we all get it to work again.

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What are the issues of the EU?

April 20th, 2024 No comments

Ok, tell me about the issues, that are part of the main discussion of the EU commission.

We will try and develop those issues further.

There is still the energy discussion, that we need to further. But there are other issues as well.

Give me an insight, and I will send it through my philosopher head.

G-d bless the will to do good for the European Union.

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Sharing dreams

April 20th, 2024 No comments

Leonor, dont worry, everything is going to be just ok.

Your beauty and honesty, will be the principles that will make this thing work.

So you can start dreaming now, what do you want? Where do you want to take this?

Tell me, so that we can share dreams. 🙂

G-d bless the will to have dreams and start the dreaming.

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Get the hostages back!

April 19th, 2024 No comments

Ok, now have beaten Iran, and HOPEFULLY, they will not retaliate.

So, please, get your heads out of, you know what, and focus on what is really important. And that is THE HOSTAGES.

Seriously, these men and women have been sitting under ground for over half a year, in some of the most destitute conditions. Some of them are barely a year old!

Use your energy on that. It is not about who is the king.

It is about getting those poor people out of harms way.

Their families are living in horror.

Please, focus on what is important.

That is the hostages.

G-d bless the will to focus on those we are supposed to protect.

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