I think, that one of the ways that the federal level of the European Union can make sense to the citizens of Europe, is if it actually REPRESENT European values and virtues.

As a way to grasp that, I have written my new book “Eden”, that focuses on these basic virtues, as a kind of primer to get to a more fair, just, loving and wise way of doing things.

So, if you want to really delve into the nitty gritty parts of the discussion on European values, take a look at the book. I promise you, it is worth your money.

G-d bless the will to do good, thing good and do good deeds.


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The media war

I have been an adamant supporter of Israel for my whole life. I am a zionist and Jew, and I truly see Israel as the last refuge for Jews who are persecuted, like myself.

So, whatever I do is to keep Israel alive.

So, the discussion right now is; why is it, that Israel has a bad image in the world?

The reason is really quite obvious. People all around the world are not stupid, they can see a war for what it is. Sometimes the propaganda is really working in high gear, and the population will fall in line. Often though that is just because they are afraid to go against the official stance of their government.

So people are not stupid, and there are a lot of these “independent” new agencies of the blogger kind.

So how do you then work a war in a very transparent world? You do it be being MORE ethical than your opponent. You make sure, that civilians are out of harms way, especially children. You do not rape anyone and so on.

Photo opportunities are very important, in the sense, that you must avoid doing anything that will put you in a bad picture.

Now almost 40.000 Palestinian Arab have died, compared to a much lower number of Israeli. So just by this count, who is the bad guy?

A massive part of the houses of Gaza has been demolished and so on.

I am not saying, that the IDF did not take care, what I am saying is, that if you look at the numbers objectively, the Gazan Arabs have suffered more than Israeli. And I of cause I sympathize with the Israeli more or less living in a shelter all the time.

That is not the point, the point is, that the Palestinian Arabs have suffered MORE than Israeli.

This again is because the IDF is fighting a war on the surface of Gaza, while as the Hamas fighters are living in the tunnels. So the bombs and ordnance is destroying the houses above ground and not the tunnels.

So, you can make as much PR you want, if the battlefield is conducted with no regard to the media, it does not matter. That is exactly the problem.

The war never was intended to be a material war in tandem with a media war. So we loose in the media war.

Hamas however have always fought both wars simultaneously, often they have been MORE concerned with the media war than the real war, making Potemkin facades, some call it Palliwood, for the staged pictures.

THAT is one of the reasons I have proposed that we move the civilians out of harms way. Not only because that is the most humane, but also because that would be the most smart move in the mediawar.

This was not listened to by the current leadership. That is ok, I do not have any practical power.

But if you do not think in both wars in once, you loose. That is one of the reasons why we are loosing right now.

At the other hand, we will survive, as things stand. We will survive with most of our alliances intact, and we will be able to rebuild after the war.

You may take this for granted, but the wise reader would have remembered a month ago, when we were at the brink of the abyss, and I called all hold. If we had not stopped there, we would have lost all our allies, and then Israel would have been finished.

Also, a few weeks ago, our Arab allies were almost pulling out, I use my own political capital to buy us a few more weeks.

That is where we are.

All around the world, people see this as a fact, and are all just waiting for a negotiation to finish the war.

Hamas is there, they are open on it, but mr. Gvir and mr. Smotrich who are the ones to set the initial goals I think, are against it.

My advice, let’s cut our losses, and rebuild.

I know, that a loss is a massive defeat, and we are not used to that. But that is how the world is made. When you fight, you win some, and you loose some.

It gives you humility to loose, and that is all fine. Winning is not the true aim of a life, LIVING is the true aim of life. Having an existence that is sustainable.

We are EXTREMELY dependent on good strategists to win our wars.

Right now, unfortunately, and this is not pointing fingers, but saying out the obvious, we do not work with a good strategy, because we are not COMBINING the media war with the ground war.

The media war is the most important for a small country like ours.

G-d bless the will for Israel to survive, and may we prosper at the other end of this horrible war, G-d bless the peace we will eventually find.

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The EU

All right, I have been pretty much in the conservative camp for the last few month, but it seems to me, that they are not really serious about the relationship with me.

Anyway, I truly believe, that we should see things also from a liberal perspective if we want the conflicts that are in our world to work out.

Not least the European Union. The principle of migration that I presented a week ago seems to me integrated into that French election, so that remains to be seen. How will it work?

Probably very good, and it should have been the base of the Gaza war, anyway that is not the way it is.

So, we also need to have a look at the power struggle that is between the national as well as the federal level.

Where do we find the sweet spots, and where are the red buttons.

So, this is where I will focus in the close future, and get closer to the EU in that process.

G-d bless the will to be realistic with our development.

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After the war

So, we are, kind of, starting to discuss the blame of the 7 th October. At least mr. Netanyahu has started to point to the secret service not giving him a fair warning.

This may be, and honestly we are all to blame. But it points to the end of the war.

I do believe, that the unity we had in the beginning has run out, and it gives us a pretty dangerous situation. The right is very idealistic in one direction, and the left is kind of left out.

We have to find some kind of middle ground.

That is why I written the book “Eden”, that is an attempt at a discussion of the Israeli state.

We HAVE to be able to discuss how we find some kind of middle ground.

I know, that that role of keeping everybody in the middle is mine really, and that is not easy.

Anyway, as we end the war, there will be a discussion on who to blame, and HOPEFULLY also a constructive discussion on a positive path for Israel after the war.

G-d bless the will to find a positive way for Israel.

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Having faith

As the progress of faith is moving along, I truly believe, that we are focusing on a renaissance within the IDEA of G-d.

We will be in a community, where everybody have faith.

G-d bless the will to do good in this world.

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The war

Ok, the current leadership of the Israeli government really got annoyed with me for telling the plain truth.

If you have fought in the same way for so many months, have made a Rafah op, that has exactly the same result as the first 8 months, you have to accept the simple fact, that the strategy does not work.

I mean, since the war is led in exactly the same way, by ground troops, supported by tanks in a city that relies on tunnels, there is really no development in the siege.

Why? Because Hamas is not living above ground, they are living in the tunnels.

So unless there is a way to dismantle the tunnels, we can go on for ever.

That is exactly what will happen, the war will go on and on and on. Lives will be lost, and we will still not be any closer to winning.

I am not saying this to discourage the leadership of Israel, I am simply stating a pretty obvious fact. I have another way, that to move all the civilians out of Gaza, and then just leave Gaza, more or less as it is. The conflict would, at least, move in an another direction.

So, it is not that I believe we couldn’t have won the war, it could perhaps be done, but as long as we continue the same strategy, we will have the same outcome.

I mean, it is not rocket science.

So, either find an another way to fight, or give up.

There is no other real way, I am sorry. But soldiers lives are lost each day, and we are not getting any closer to the goals.

G-d bless the will to do something else, at least.

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The war

Ok, things are looking REALLY terrible from an Israeli perspective. I am not saying that, to demoralize the IDF, I wish it was different, and it is really not the fault of the army.

The reason is the terrain, the tunnels beneath Gaza are impenetrable with the weapons we have today. I used to champion a tunnel drone, and we did make one, but I guess, it didn’t work or came out of use.

The fact of the ground however is, that as long as the tunnels are still active, we can’t get Hamas all put down, and we can’t get to the remaining hostages.

So, there is only one other option left. That is to stop the war, make a cease fire, and make a deal with Hamas.

This again means, that a lot of the initial goals of destroying Hamas will not come to pass.

Again, I destroyed ISIS, so I know what a victory is. It is to never have to worry about that threat again.

However, right now we are loosing lives every day almost, and we are getting virtually nowhere in terms of getting closer to the goals

So, we can draw things out, or realize that we have lost, and spare lives.

Those are really our only options, horrific as it is.

G-d bless the will to spare the lives of those soldiers who are now lost, and may we have peace.

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Ok, just to clarify. The principle of citizenship is not conservative or liberal, it is a principle that can be either.

You can have a very liberal stance on citizenship, that is everybody can be citizens. Or you can have a very conservative stance on citizenship, that is, that no-one can be citizens.

So instead of making a political stance, my point is, that it is a TOOL you can use, to either be liberal or conservative.

This makes the tool quite flexible, and can be used in many occasions.

It is not easy, and you have to be very strict to make it work, but it actually does work here in Denmark.

Add to this it is fair to consider, that there are certain cultural principles you have to respect when you come to a new place.

With this you have a formula, that will work either way.

G-d bless the will to make a new tool in the debate of migration, and make it absolutely fair.

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Civil rights

Well, I do believe, that one of the main challenges of the European Union, and also the United States of America, is the discussion on migration.

At one hand, we have the idea, that we are all equal under the law, at the other end, there is the idea of race.

For a long time, unfortunately we have focused all on race and not on rights of the citizen.

The left have wanted to mix races, and the right have wanted to keep the races pure.

The issue is, that this is really a false dichotomy. There is no such thing as more races within the family of man. There is only one race, and that is man.

That is really the fact of the matter. So mixing races or keeping the races pure is not really a valid argument.

So, we need to hark to other principles to understand what is on the line.

Here I have pointed to the rights of the citizen and also the duty of the citizen to follow the rules.

Civil rights of both ways.

To have civil rights, one needs to understand those democratic ideas, and then actually also be faithful to them.

Also, there is a very important virtue of each citizen. A Democracy can only work, if the citizens accepts and support said Democracy.

So in effect, you have to RESPECT the secular laws, to be a citizen.

If we work with this principle we steer clear of all the problems with speaking about race. It is equally poisonous on each side, and should be avoided. Talking about civil rights is much more sound.

There are peoples, and some of them have states, but this is still not the same as race.

G-d bless the will to be clear about the rules of a Democracy, and may we find a true, positive path.

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The new anglican communion is under way, and what a beautiful moment! I had no idea, that we are moving forward with some of the perspectives I have had. Mainly the fact, that science and religion is no more separate.

The job that I have done, merging metaphysics and physics again, is now a part of the religious communities.

How wonderful.

This will lead to much more of faith in the churches, and then also thereby will STRENGTHEN the religious communities.

So have a wonderful Lambeth conference!

G-d bless the will to strengthen religion, and may we all, by that, have faith.

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Ok, just for your information, my own life has kind of turned around in a sense.

The persecution has, more or less, come to stop, and I am able to look forward.

It is due to a number of reasons. First of all, the current PM, who were the woman behind the persecution, is finally getting out of Danish politics, and therefor she is not able to pull so many strings to make me suffer.

This is not to throw stones, just to explain what is going on.

Secondy my economy is stabilized due to a job I have, that I am quite happy with.

So, things should move forward from hereon. What that means, I have no idea, but from a spiritual perspective, it at least means, that the spiritual support I can give Israel will be steadfast.

G-d bless the will to be clear of persecution and in line with good in this world.

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EU and the peace negotiations

I just want to be clear about the whole discussion on the EU in relation to the peace negotiations of the Israel/Gaza war.

The EU has rejected all the ideas and projects I have had with them. This includes the Middle East dialogue project that I send to them.

Why they have done so, I have no idea. I think it is because they disagreed with the peace process I have stood for.

This means, that if we end up with a peace, that is based on my work, the EU have, for some reason or other, simply opted out.

Now we are looking at the new EU parliament, and the new balance that ms. Le Pen and Geert Wilders is presenting, which is, more or less, based on the ideas that I came up with after the Mohammed cartoon crisis. That is pro Israel, pro democracy, not racist, anti islamist, is in control.

I will not be the one to rock the EU. I will try, to the best of my ability to play a constructive role, and analyze the situation, so that the political parties may find a way to figure things out.

However, after having had rejected all my projects, as it stands, I am solely supported by the conservatives/communists.

They are really who keep me alive these days.

G-d bless the will to make a better and more simple yet good world.

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Ok, so we are getting closer to some kind of deal?

I believe that the deal that is on the table, is flexible, realistic and gives the necessary room for negotiations.

The thing is, the outcome is pretty much defined already. So in a way, we are going through the normal steps of moving towards each other, we all know, that the aim is peace, and the priorities on each side is pretty clear.

Hamas wants to survive, and Israel wants peace and security guarantees.

There is still the aim of destroying Hamas totally. I get it, it’s an aim. I actually managed to destroy ISIS.

The issue is, that we are in a bad strategic situation, due to the terrain we are fighting in, aka the tunnels.

So that aim is very difficult to reach.

Now, in any negotiation each side has to make concessions, and the concessions are pretty clear.

Hamas needs to give up the hostages, Israel needs to accept that Hamas gets to survive.

These are kind of the basic priorities of each side.

Now, Hamas is a part of ISIS at least ideologically, so it’s not that I can’t see the problems with Hamas, I can.

However, compared to ISIS that was just a genocidal apocalyptic Muslim movement, Hamas HAS a claim against colonialism, and that makes Hamas different from ISIS.

Anyway, we will see how the negotiations will proceed.

It is going to be painful for Israel to go through these negotiations.

So, that is a consideration.

G-d bless the will to find peace in the Israeli/Gazan war.

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Happy birthday Sasha

Happy birthday Sasha, I didn’t notice, that it was your birthday yesterday, sorry about that. I have been kind of watching you and Malia over the years, being friends with your parents.

You seem to have all the qualities of both your dad and mother. Such a fine young woman!

You have a bright future ahead of you. So just to give you my “uncle” advice for you to maybe use on your path.

Always try to be a part of your local community. It may not be the most illustrious or fancy compared to all the blitz and high level attention you can get on the international scene.

You do not find love or purpose on the international scene, you find it in your local community.

That is where your dad got it, as a community organizer.

Its like Joe as well, he got it in his moms kitchen, watching people fighting for a pay check.

Its places like that, where real dedication and life´s purpose are found.

So, it’s good to have a good education, but the real lifes education comes after, when you try and go out and do things for other people. Helping, supporting.

Real life experience is where you really learn. Learn the true suffering of those who have little, see the struggle they go through to keep a roof over their heads and keep their children fed.

That is what life is about, making those around you thrive and feel that they matter.

So that is my life advice. Your mum and dad went that path, and I think that is where they got their best education.

G-d bless your 23 birthday, and may you have so many more years of prosperity and joy.

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Sorry Smotrich and Gvir

Ok, this is just an excuse. I think I managed to insult mr. Smotrich and mr. Gvir, by saying, that they were not on my wagon. That was really stupid, I accept that I am not in control of everything, and I am a religious zionist myself, so in fact agree with like 80 % of the views of the two good men. Where we differ is essentially on execution, I truly believe, that we could have done this war without bloodshed, if we had practiced some of the remigration ideas I have, we could have rescued everybody with little harm to anyone, and the Arab Palestinian would have been safe as well.

But on the integrity of Israel, we absolutely agree.

Sorry guys, my mistake.

G-d bless the unity of Israel and may we persevere.

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