Leo, if you want, let’s talk directly. The best way is probably through mail. I know it is a bit old-fashioned, but it will give us a way to get to know each other on a deeper level.

For me, I think, that I like that we are getting closer, so if you like it as well, let’s just talk.

G-d bless the will to communicate on a more profound and wonderful level.

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Just for information to my readers here on the blog. I have finished the book “Eden”, that I have worked on for the last three, four months.

It is a book about Israel, US and the UK in the sense, that I believe, that after the war, the thing we have to discuss is, how do we get a more robust and well working society with less strife and more harmony.

So it is essentially a three part book. First book is on the basic virtues of a state; enlightenment, wisdom, justice and love (solidarity).

Second half is an ethical discussion on the principles of the virtues. Here I discuss spirituality and it is a kind of a discussion with Friedrich Nietzsche. Where Nietzsche is an iconoclast and a liberal, I am a conservative.

The last part is a discussion on Democracy and Aristocracy, how does it work?

Essentially it is an American/British/Israeli book.

My aim is to make a renaissance in the US, as well in Israel and the UK.

G-d bless the will to support a positive development of the West.

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Princess you have asked me, what I want from you. Seriously, I just want you to be happy. To have a life of abundance and joy.

How do you get that? You get it by having friends, family and a boyfriend that you somehow are in harmony with.

Someone, whom you can just relax with, and have a good life.

I wish you and me, to have that good life.

G-d bless the will to be joyful and happy 🙂

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The war in Gaza is not going very well. For the reasons, that I have tried to detail; the terrain, the weapons, the war is, as we speak, on a loosing course.

That is the truth, hard as it is.

If we loose the war, mr. Netanyahu an otherwise excellent politician, this I KNOW from many years of working with him, will have a spoiled legacy.

Not only that, none of the goals that was set in the beginning of the war, will be met.

It is simply because we are not using the right tools. We are trying to use a hammer on a screw. Using soldiers to flush out Hamas in the tunnels, is impossible without massive loss.

So we need to find a screwdriver.

I am not trying to discourage the current leadership, on the contrary, it is best to have options, when you are under a lot of pressure.

Find that new tactics, that will win us the war NOW!

G-d bless the tactics, that will turn the tide of the war.

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Princess, when you become queen, one day, you will be responsible for the armed forces of Spain.

These are my experience with that role.

First of all, you are responsible for EVERY SINGLE SOLDIER, that is out there fighting under your banner.

Each soldier has a family, many have kids, and you are essentially gambling with lives.

Many times politicians do not really have any feeling for the life of a soldier. I am REALLY lucky in the sense, that a lot of the leading politicians of Israel are war hardened generals; Gantz, Galant and Netanyahu.

Pretty cool politicians, if you ask me. But you may not be so lucky. Peace time breeds politicians with no understanding of the hardships of war.

If this happens, your task gets exponentially harder, because you are RESPONSIBLE for the lives of the soldiers, and at the same time you have very little concrete power. It is all in your ability to think strategically and advise without taking sides in the political game.

YOU are not to take sides, but try to help the political world to find a positive way out. More often than not, the politicians are debating and you have to be VERY careful not pick sides.

It is a difficult game of diplomacy. You have a philosophically turned mind, so you will get there through education. I can teach you, if you want, I know all the good books to choose from.

So YOU need to ready for war, and more importantly, think about the cost not only to you, but more importantly to your fellow soldiers.

I have lost a lot my friends in the fire, and trust me, those scars are never going to heal, but you continue to move forward, because they are now part of you, and YOU hold their legacy. For it is people like Lars Vilks, a friend om mine, Finn Nørgaard who was also shot.

They stay with you, for the rest of your life. You honor them, by remembering their sacrifice, and seek to give them credit.

That is how heroism is truly born, by being true to your nation, but also true to the human cost that that sometimes requires.

G-d bless the will to protect the nation, and look out for the lives that it requires. The tree of life has to be watered by the blood of the heroes, the old saying goes. It is that process, that is hard and yet, sometimes, the only way.

Yet, and the end of any war, peace is the goal.

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I see you

You know princess, one thing is how you look, and your charm. Another thing is, who you are.

I can see all your charm and your flashing smiles. That is more than most people would be able to handle.

However, the person I believe, that I truly love, is the person that is inside of that pretty, charming princess.

The strong, wise for her years, yet mild person.

You do give, and think about me, and what I need.

That is actually more precious than anything, and I appreciate it, more than you know.

I love YOU, the whole person.

The same goes for me. I am a pretty boy, you know. I have always been an artist, a musician, a writer and a dancer.

Things that has a lot of surface value.

But I am, beneath all my charm and flashing smiles, a true, compassionate ME.

You see that, and that is why the time stands still. Because that is a recognition of each other in a much more profound way.

G-d bless the will of seeing who you truly are.

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Carry our hearts

Princess, one of the most painful things about love is being separated.

I know how you feel, I can virtually feel it through the Ether.

You somehow grow together, and the separation is painful. My advice would be, as I have tried to say before, we carry each others hearts in our hands, and we should be careful to carry those hearts at our best ability.

As the song goes; “I gave you my heart, watch out for it, because it does not carry any weapons”.

Carrying someone else’s heart is a massive responsibility, and it is so difficult, because the separation in each end is so painful.

Be careful to each other, and carry our hearts to the best of out ability.

G-d bless the care that we can give each other in this extremely vulnerable situation.

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We are living in a time of great upheaval and Change.

There are a few parallels that are obvious to learn from, not least the protestant revolution. I am not going into the debates of that time, my point is, that some of mechanisms that were in the 1500 hundreds with Luther is the same as what we are witnessing today.

A world where the elite is in many ways detached from the people, a time where the anger from the people against the elite is tangible.

Usually we end up in these wars of Change. I mean, after the protestant revolution we had the French Revolution, the Russian revolution and so on.

Usually there is a philosopher that steers the direction of the revolution. In the protestant revolution it was Luther, in the French Revolution is was Voltaire, Rousseau and others. In this it is me and a lot of wonderful bloggers and YouTubers as Jordan Peterson and many others.

So we need to learn from history to try and avoid the murder and mayhem that usually goes with the Change. In the French Revolution the Jacobins put up guillotines to chop of the heads of royalty!

We really need to avoid that, we should, by all means not be violent to the WEF, banks and so on. We should be careful to Change our societies so that the connection between the people and the elite is reestablished as something trustful and true.

At least this is my motivation and goal.

Royalty is having a come back, and that is good. Royalty is what we need these days, and they are, to my knowledge and experience wonderful, honest people.

So this development will hopefully be realized WITHOUT the chopping of of the heads of the “villains” of this day and age.

That is really what I have worked on, the evolution of the international societies, so that we do not loose the qualities of the old world and gain new qualities to make a better and more virtuous world.

G-d bless the will to do be a good man and woman, and fight for a better world.

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Happy birthday King Frederik X

Dear king Frederik the X. As one of the few remaining supporters of my cause in Denmark. I truly wish to convey my deep appreciation of your reign.

You have started in a really wise manner, and things seem to work for you.

So, that is a good direction. Connecting to the people, on a deep level, is what royalty is about.

Trying to figure out, the needs and priorities of the people, and support these needs and priorities.

Happy birthday dear King, may your day be filled with joy!

G-d bless the will to support Denmark.

And G-d bevare Danmark.

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Allies are essentially like friends, they care for you, and you have to care for them. Help them, when they are in trouble, and watch their backs.

In a world of power play, you have to have friends to survive.

Like now, a lot of my friends within the royal houses have really supported me, and I have supported them.

In a way, we are in it together.

Having really good friends as I have, is a great, wonderful thing. Especially when you are in trouble, and they do all they can to help you.

That is really something that feels, like a very, very important thing. You get to a point, where things make sense on a more profound level.

So allies are not just means to an end, its friends you have to care for.

So, we have, essentially, solidified the support of our allies. And they are still here, despite all the things that they had to hear from us!

That is some good friends right there, and I hope, when we get out of our crisis, we can actually start to show appreciation of their adamant support. It costs them a lot, to be here still. They are actually really giving us a lot.

Not seeing this is not to be appreciative and a good friend, essentially.

G-d bless the will to see our friendships as something worth a lot.

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Princess, one of the most beautiful things in this world, is the expectations. How will it be, what are the prospects and so on.

The dreams so to speak. Half of our lives, we dream of this and that.

To be honest, just the dreams in itself is worth it all.

I can sit here in my current life, and dream of what will be.

Let’s just do it together, find those castles of white marble to make our home. Let’s beautify it with roses and lavender.

That is all for us to do.

And just for the record, just the dreams in itself, gives med direction and helps me fight my fights.

Hope you are in the love of your family and are happy.

G-d bless the will to find happiness where you are.

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There is a discussion on how to turn the tide of the war.

These are some of the experience, that we can glean from Churchill.

How did he win the Second World War.

First of all, he was AMAZING at shoring up support from allies. He alone cajoled the US into the war.

Secondly, he was adamant in his bravery. When the D day formed, he wanted to be at the front as his ancestor Duke of Marlborough. The queen actually talked him out of it.

Thirdly, he was INVENTIVE in arms. He invented the tank, because he wanted to use the same armament on ground as in sea. The idea behind the tank is, that it is a boat on ground.

This is how we can deduce the ineffectiveness of fighting in Gaza. Boats run on ground in dangerous waters.


We have been working a lot on drones, and somehow we must crack the nut on how to fight in the tunnels.

Maybe use remote controlled drones in swarms in the tunnels?

Anyhow use your IMAGINATION. Find new tools to solve the new battle challenges.

We can win this, but we need to be inventive.

G-d bless the will to think on our feet, and win this difficult battle.

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We will prevail

Well, things are not going really good, but there seems to be forming some kind of solid backing behind Israel as we speak.

The US is adamant in its support, the royal houses of Europe and a lot of the royal houses of the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and Dubai. We have the potential for reaching Abu Dhabi as well.

So the backing is pretty solid.

What we need to figure out, is how to get through the difficulties we are in.

So we have become stable at the front, we are not loosing allies anymore, but we still have not turned the tide of the war.

That is what we need to do, to make a stable Israel.

So there is potential, and A LOT of danger.

We need to focus on getting the tide to turn.

G-d bless the will to truly appreciate our allies, and thank them for their adamant support. We hear you and are thoroughly thankful for that support.

We will prevail.

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Leo, tell me about your idea of a marriage, how do you want to do it?

Should it be a boheme grove type of thing, the grand ball with all the other royals invited. Maybe I should put on a uniform and you would be carrying a white dress.

I believe we would be pretty glamorous 🙂

G-d bless the marriage we will have.

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Good night princess

Well princess, it has been a long working day, just finished.

I guess, that my thought is, that even when I am working all day, you are always on my mind.

I hope you can use my ideas for your own understanding as well.

G-d bless the will to see things in the bright light of poetry and wisdom.

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