All right, so there is a new nominee for the liberal camp in the US. Ms. Kamala Harris, she is very good, so let’s see how we may make some kind of manifesto that will make sense in the US.

In the UK Mr. Starmer is working old school Obamanism. It seems to work quite well for him, yet there are some signs, that the under class is not cool about his heavy handed take on migration.

There is a BALANCE between tough migrations rules, and a serious support for civil rights.

In Denmark it works, as well as in the US, because everyone knows, that if you play within the rules, work hard, respect the law, have good and sound families, you are not in trouble.

If you do not respect the law, then you are in trouble.

So, at one side, we have to be realistic about uncontrolled migration, at the other side, we should protect the rights of the citizens of any color and creed, as long as they respect the system.

That is the problem in Leeds, where some kids were taken by the police. It is disrespectful to the people living there and smells of a heavy handed attention to all migrants. It’s a very difficult balance.

Yet if you get that right, people will vote you in. At least this is my experience here in Denmark, where the current PM were popular because of this balance, and was gutted, when she left that balance.

The same goes for the EU, that also need to find a balance somehow. It is much more complicated in the EU, but it is the same basic conflict.

Getting the police to play along is also a challenge, they have no clue as to what is really going on, and are a major problem, because of their immoral and lawless behavior.

That is also something we have to get working.

So, my best advice is, find the rights balances and you will win.

Good luck Kamala ☺️

G-d bless the will to make Change.

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Thanks Joe

Joe, I am so so sorry. I wish I have had the energy and focus to support you some more. I feel partially responsible. If I had the focus, maybe I could have pulled you through.

Though to be honest, it is definitely wiser to pull the stops now. To be realistic about your energy is the most responsible.

At the end of the day, it is not your policies that is wrong, it is your energy and ability to take all those fights that are in the political debates and so on.

For whatever it is worth, it has been a pure honor to be your friend. We are still friends, yet to serve you over the years, has just been a delight.

We agree on most issues, and your fight for America, unity, the blue collar worker, the American economy has been really inspiring.

So well done, you have done more than most to support a prosperous and happy United States of America. Your are the best.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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The rights of the citizens.

Well, we need to get the police under control. They have been persecuting me, and are obviously busy persecuting people they think are not good for society.

Essentially I have no idea why they are doing this. Political control has no place in a democratic society.

Tyrannies and dictatorships are home for police control of public opinion. Humanistic democracies are home for free speech and let the arguments control the development of society.

My role, as a motivator and architect of new ways to make a political society is THE most important for a democratic society. I do not say this to be better than anyone, but to put in contrast the way the police is harassing me with the critical function I serve.

I doesn’t make any sense to anyone but the police, and it only makes sense to them, because they have very little insight into how our societies work on a political level.

If you put a milkman as responsible to run a real estate agency, what do you get? You get incompetence.

The police is not skilled in the fineries of politics and as a result they ruin the political world with all their hard handed methods of putting people in jail and harassing people they do not like.

So what do we do to stop this absurd nonsense?

We cut their budgets.

If they persecute politicians, journalists, intellectuals, or any other who are working within the frames of law to debate, create new ideas or criticize elements of society that are wrong in any way. As a consequence, their budget should be cut.

My advise would be to start with the cyber departments. These parts move all over the place, and rarely within the framework of the law.

G-d bless the will to make a functioning society where the police do what they are supposed to do, which is to protect the weak.

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The ombudsman

I have been on the sharp end of governmental persecution for many, many years. It can be worse, I know a guy who has been in and out of prisons for putting up provocative stickers and another one who have just been sentenced to 1 1/2 year of prison because he put some paint on a painting.

So the treatment I have been dished out is not as bad. I am mostly harassed with economical control. Trying to make my economy suffer as much as possible.

So this is obviously illegal and not a way to treat intellectuals and journalists.

It seems to me, that there is a mellowing coming about, Assange has been freed, and there is an end to the harsh treatment of Trump.

So the question is, how do we hinder these system abuses and illegal operations of the police. Usually it is the police that is behind the abuse.

One of the tools that is in the toolbox is the ombudsman.

That is originally a Danish institution, and it works by protecting the rights of the citizens.

I know that the Danish ombudsman is aware of my predicament, and there may be a process to look into the censorship of my person and some of the projects I have been a part of by the ombudsman.

It is not an all in solution to get rid of the abuse of our demoralized police, but it is one tool, that may stem some of the abuse that is being carried out by the system of law, when it crosses the line of law enforcement and political control.

Political control by the police is illegal, by all parameters, and we need to stop this before it hurts more people.

G-d bless the will to make a serious and much better police that refrains from political control.

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All right, so we are kind nearing the end of one crisis, and we need to help at another place to make things work.

My feeling is, that mr. Netanyahu will start the peace process for real next Wednesday. He is addressing the congress in the US, and that kind of news will get him a round of applause.

It has been incredibly tough with all the pressure, and the angst building up, but we are getting through it.

There will be discussion on the pre 7´th of October, yet if it turns out to be a peace deal, that we all can live with, the image of mr. Netanyahu will be not ok, but all in all he will go down in history as the great statesman he truly is.

He is really, really good, and he deserves all the applause we can give him.

This means, that I will be in a position to win the Nobel peace price. We will see, yet it should be given to me.

Anyway, then I have to change focus, and start focusing on the EU.

I have given it a bit of thought as to how we should work on it, and I guess I have an idea, that I will try and get in contact with the commission to lay out, and hear of they are interested in that.

There has to be a pay day for me in it, somehow.

That is just the way it, so we will hopefully be able to develop and kind of new balance between the federal and the national level.

The idea of making that balance, has taken root in the system, so we need to work on a bit more, and do a federal wide discussion with the different players to find the perfect match.

It can be done, and do have some ideas up my sleeve. I have just written a book about the perfect society, to kind of warm me up to the process, yet there is a lot of theoretical discussion I have to have with some of the players of the EU, and national players as well.

Hopefully this will be in tandem with a positive development of Israel, so that we work on the advancement and solidifying of Israel as a state. To be united.

So these are kind of my time plan.

G-d bless the will to do good, act good and have good thoughts.

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Finding true love

All right, I know that my endeavors into the realm of love is not exactly high profile politicking, yet it seems to me, that a lot of my readers are really into it.

Love is essentially a subject that never goes out of style. Why worry about AI, when you can worry about the rich and amazing life you can get, if you find someone you REALLY love?

I mean, you would be a fool not to worry about love, love is one the only true qualities in life, that is all just good for us.

Seen from a masculine point of view, what is that we men have to worry about to find someone? Is it only for the rich and beautiful?

I always come back to my mums story, she was lonely for so many years, and then she found Jørgen when she went to wash clothes in the communal laundromat.

She was old and had most all her beauty, Jørgen looked like a cannon ball, all round everywhere. Yet, he was just such a wonderful person. And that is really what it comes down to, how are you as a person. Are you a selfish, self-absorbed person, or are you are giving, strong and positive person.

And are you able to carry your positive lifestyle into a relationship. That is, are you able to keep being that positive, supportive and wonderful person IN the relationship.

We men like to have careers, and conquer the world. So, we also need a woman, that will support our fights.

At a more material level, women are just as obsessed with your looks as we men are. We men see a pair of big boobs, and that fascinates us, dont get me wrong, women are just the same.

I know it from my dancing, women go crazy over a man with six pack, and if he can dance, she goes even more crazy. The looks.

Why is it, that Johnny Depp is so popular. He is a very cool artist, yet what is REALLY cool about that guy, is that he has this amazing style.

The same with Axl Rose, he has style as well, and women go crazy about that.

So, to get closer to a beautiful woman, get stylish, find your own style, exaggerate a little, but not too much.

Women are also crazy about intelligence. That is something that is a little different from men to women. We men CAN live with a girl with big boobs that is not smart. Women can’t live with that. Intelligence is what attracts them the most.

So when you are IN the relation, shower her with your wit and good head. Give her your attention, evolve with her, support her in her own emotional development. Give her of yourself, so that she feels that your relationship is evolving, sound and brings here somewhere.

Women are all into discussing with their friends about men, they super analyze the most minute detail, so you are ALWAYS on display.

What YOU bring into the relationship is ethics.

Women are crazy about a real man, and real men are not those who fight and destroy things haphazardly. Real men are those few individuals who have integrity and are ready to fight for what they believe in.

Like, girls are dreaming about the knight on the white horse, saving them. So is this dream all about the shining armor? Yes to a point, but truly it is about the ethical make up of the knight. His integrity, his fight to make a better world, protect the small guys.

That is the true attraction of women to the knight with the shining armor.

So these are my tips of finding a sprite of a woman, someone you can spend your life with.

It is NEVER too late.

G-d bless the will to find true love.

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True artistry

You know, when you make ideas and propose new developments of society, then more often than not, it just falls apart, and you become a failure.

The EU is experiencing this moment right now. Most of the ideas that it is based on, just doesn’t work. I am not saying this to be negative, it is just how politics work.

The open borders, the migration over the borders, the economical politics that has been so far has been a failure. Now the EU is running my ideas economically, the “Bidennomics” that is really my take on economy, that works. It works. It will make the European Union a success, economically.

So, what is really the reason why this is how it is?

It’s because, as in most other endeavors we humans do, there is a fine line between amateurism and professionalism. Yet, the big guys in any kind of field, will be the artists.

The true artist, will take a field, and excel because of a supernatural skill in many fields at once. Take Lady Gaga for instance, she is hard working, essential pretty humble, a dancer, she plays the piano, she looks good, and is an amazing singer. Add to this, she can go into any kind of genre, and just do it. I mean, the ability and skill of going on one day to work with Andrea Bocelli and do opera, the next day she headbangs together with Metallica, not to mention Rolling Stones. She does it, without tooting her horn. That is a true artist.

The same goes with the Barcelona cathedral, that I am a big fan of. Gaudi, just blended engineering with sacred geometry and a radically new architectural expression.

It’s just stunning in its level of skill.

Politics is the same, we are not many true artiest and avant-garde thinkers, because it’s either impossible to do, because if you are avantgarde in politics, the police will try to silence you.

And to be at university to do politics in a truly artistic level is impossible. Maybe it can be done in Oxford or Princeton, but even those schools find it hard to really be roomy enough for true political artistry. There is actually only Vallekilde back, my family Højskole, so that is where I come from, the leading school of the world.

Anyway, maybe this understanding of what is going on, is a cause for acceptance. New ideas are difficult to wrap your heads around when they are introduced, yet when they are realized, they stand in all their glory. Like Elon and all his brilliancy.

That guy is just a good friend and an amazing creator.

G-d bless the will to make a better world, based on true artistry.

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Rubicon garage

We are at this pivotal moment in politics. For the last 15 years, I have, more or less, run the show in coming up with new ideas to how we should change politics.

It has come to a point, where everybody is kind of doing my game.

First of all, this is not a “yes I did it!” Moment, it is; maybe, just maybe, are we able to salvage our democracies out of the impeding doom.

Plato says this quite severely and openly. After Democracy gets to its final phase of demoralization, ethical degrading, it turns from Democracy to Tyranny.

THAT is what I have, personally, fought to avoid, that is what we philosophers are supposed to do. It is not a hubris kind of machinational ego driven movement I have been a part of. On the contrary, I have payed a very heavy price for my job getting done.

I like remodeling cars you know. I like the craftsmanship that goes into taking a an old good looking car, and remodeling it to be modern and well working.

That is how I see theories of politics. You take this beautiful, well working yet old car that is rusty in some places, that needs an engine upgrade, needs some work on the fuel injection part of the engine and so. Then after making som bold moves, we get this amazing car, to run at full speed again.

You could call my work the Rubicon garage.

So really I am not a revolutionary in the sense, that I do all things new and shiny. No, I adore the system we have already, and I am trying to make it a little better. Get the creaks out of the system, mend the fenders, where they may be broken.

I truly hope, now when even the guardians of the Democracy, that may have THOUGHT that I was going to break the system, realizes, that this is not about breaking anything, or making it into something that is worse or untested. No, this is a paint and carbon fiber job. It’s a mod, not a new car.

It keeps all the virtues and good things of the old car, and tries to remake the car into something that actually work, and make it a little better.

So, that is really the aim of my work, and I hope, eventually everybody will appreciate it.

G-d bless the will to make our democracies work again.

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Plato and love

I think we need to understand the complexity of the gender debate, to truly understand, why and what we are supposed to do in this day and age.

The virtue is equality. Equality is virtue of gender, at least it has been this since Karl Marx deduced it from the platonic lore he read, and some of the descriptions that he read about Sparta, that is the ideal polis (city state) of communism.

Plato was, in some ways (not all) a fan of Sparta, something he got from questioning his world (that was why Socrates was sentenced to death), so he describes his ideal society as inspired by Sparta.

In Sparta, that was a Scandinavian city (descendants of the sea peoples that roamed the Mediterranean some thousand years before Christ), men and women were very equal. This tradition was something that Sparta had kept as a tradition all the way back from their founding.

In many ways, the Spartan society was a Viking society, men and women were not kept for a long time in family structures, and their children went to schools at an early age (that is the ideal behind our welthfare states, they are inspired by the Spartan agoge system.)

Plato was, as always, quite deep in his understanding of this system (Athenians are also descendants of the sea peoples, according to Wilhelm Gronbech), he philosophizes about this equality, and argues, that it creates harmony (the same idea that is behind progressive tax).

This point had really eluded Marx, who have never written about harmony in gender.

Marx was a quack in many ways, he had some good analysis, but his ideas are quite shallow. He does not understand the world he talks about, and he misses a lot of the basic points in the philosophies.

Anyway, equality has the aim of HARMONY. At the same time, Plato has a whole beautiful philosophy about love, so there is really no conflict between platonic love and equality in between men and women. Plato made up both ideas.

G-d bless the will to truly understand the theories behind the gender debate.

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So Axl Rose kind of hit me on my Facebook page.

I get it, it makes sense, we are both rock stars. Off cause, Axl Rose is much more than me, there is no doubt, yet my art form is greatly influenced by my own experience as a rock musician.

I think that the ENERGY of music has to be a part of the written word. I ALWAYS do first takes.

So the issue is women, again, I guess. The subject that we men NEVER tire of.

Mr. Rose has a beautiful story to tell about a sprite of a beautiful woman, that once stole his heart.

Stealing a man’s heart is not easy, as Emma Watson say to Ron; you men have feelings and imagination that fill the space of a teaspoon.

That is one of the bridges that we have to span. How do we men understand the fair gender? When we understand, that they are complex, and hence have a complex understanding of our relationship, then we truly understand some of women.

So how do we then handle this complexity? We give them the emotional space they need to unfold all their emotions.

As Sting say, if you love someone, set them free.

The freedom they need to unfold all their complex emotions, is inspiring for us men.

Women are amazing, and when we give ourselves the opportunity to really get to know them and reflect their emotions, we get this perfect relationship.

We as men, have to open up for emotions of women. To truly be inspired.

G-d bless the will to see the beauty of women.

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United we stand

It seems to me, that there is this moment of reconciliation and recognition of our political opponents.

Maybe, just maybe we can set aside the perceived differences for a time, and find some unity.

If we look at the content of the political divide, there is not much difference.

We have to get the borders under control. We have to focus on a patriotic blue collar defense of the union worker. We have to make our economy work again and we have to get the challenge with China under control.

Based on my last book, I am also arguing for a renaissance within media, science, and the legal system.

I have put up some ideals and recommend an ETHICAL development within the state, so that I renews itself.

Not to point fingers at anyone, to make sure that our democracy is alive, vibrant and is able to survive these new challenges. We should be a better version of ourselves, remember the revolutionary zeal for virtue, human rights, illumination, justice, solidarity and essentially a society that is left better than what we inherited.

Make a better world. As they used to say, at the very beginning of my journey. United we stand divided we fall.

G-d bless the will to unite under the banner of good, solidarity, justice and illumination.

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These are my own experience with living under a lot of stress due to my political work.

I have a lot of enemies. Some covert, some open. The current foreign minister is an enemy and I have entertained you with my experience with the PET, the secret service.

First of all. It is a choice, if you enter into politics, it’s just a premis of your work. Especially in the higher layers of politics. Putin lives with a constant death sentence hanging over him. So does the PM of Israel, Trump and many more.

Essentially I have learned to live with it. It is the price of doing politics on the highest level.

Secondly, I am REALISTIC about the world around me. The PET are not friends, they never will be. But they can be made into some kind of partners, sometimes.

Thirdly, politics is like a sea, it ebbs and flows. Sometimes you are riding high, sometimes you are low. That is just the nature of politics. So when you are riding high, you make a lot of friends, help all you can. So when there is a low, your friends come to your aid.

Then there is another high, and so on.

Fourthly, to be on the highest level, you HAVE to be paranoid, yet at the same time REALISTIC. You may have an idea, that someone is hunting you, make sure to check it out. It has to be verified, somehow

Fifthly, when people hunt you, don’t be all angry and revengeful. More often than not, that is exactly the reaction your enemy is looking for. They want to control you, by controlling your anger.

Sixthly, stock your weapons. In the beginning I could always blog on issues that I were afraid of, influence the world opinion and so on. The problem with that is, that you are seen as a troublemaker. I still call out my enemies sometimes, but I have a host of weapons, that I apply according to the threat. Mostly, when an enemy get a slap over the wrist, they stop and I can get on with my life.

Seventhly, keep up keeping up. Don’t let the political fight get you down. Keep your good vibe, be happy, supportive, a good friend. If you loose your good humor, it’s not worth it. I really like Saranskys way, he got up every morning and sang to his hearts content.

Eightly, keep your goals positive. Don’t get caught up in the machinations of power. Steer towards something that will make the world a better place.

Ninthly, build alliances. I thought the MOSSAD would have protected me, when the PET were really after me. They didn’t, but the EU did, and the communists. If I hadn’t been positive and helpful to either, I would have been dead by now. But because I supported them both, they helped back, when I needed it.

The saying goes, that you should build your house on stone ground and not on sand. Stoneground is the relations you have. If they are good, you will prevail, if they bad you will be blown away by the first of storms, and the storm always come.

Tenthly, be clear with yourself why you are into politics. If your reasons are not right, do something else. I do it, not because of honor, honor is a fleeting thing. Not because of money, somehow money eludes me. I do it, because I love to do it. It’s what I really like to do. The challenge in figuring the best solution, the ability to use my knowledge, the joy in seeing a plan come to fruition and work, the joy in working with some of the best politicians in the world, and the ethical mission, making a better world.

So, these are my experiences.

G-d bless the will to work in politics and make a better world.

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Beneath the Torah there seems to be a layer of wisdom, that we have to apply in this war, to make sense of it all.

Jews are far away descendants of a diaspora from Scandinavia, so some of the ancient lore of the Scandinavians are possible lore to make for a base of reflection in this day and age as well.

In the north, the lore is kept in the wisdom of the runes.

The Nordic Thorah is the Runes.

One of the letters of the runes is the letter Ur or Urz. It represents the ox, or rather the ancient wild ox that was prevalent in the north many thousands of years ago.

It is contrasted with the letter fehu, that represents the domesticated cattle.

The wild auroch was admired for its strength, power and were untamable.

Both physical strength as well as emotional and spiritual strength.

On one hand the untamed strength is a powerful engine towards a goal.

Yet the message of Ur as a rune is also, that we have to “tame” the energy so that the energy can be directed to a place that is beneficial for all.

It is in a way a reflection on the sephirot strictness and mercy.

Yet it talks to the nature of the Jewish people. We have this raw strength that is devastating, if we loose it upon the world, as we have done numerous times. Torn down empires.

There is however a reflection on the aim of civilization in opposition to raw strength that we have to do.

When to be civilized and when to fight.

That is how you win wars.

G-d bless the will to get the hostages back, and develop as a people in the process. Get to know ourselves better.

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Why is it, that we are not going into the peace negotiations with a clear mission to get hostages back?

I get it, there is the motivation to destroy Hamas. Yet, why? What is the end goal? What if we destroy Hamas, will that make us safer?

We have destroyed empires, yet we have never been safe.

My point is, we need to UNDERSTAND our anger in order for us to do the actions that will, in all rationality and within reason makes Israel safe.

If we loose the aim of this war, and let our anger lead us, we will not get to a better place.

There is time for revenge, yet revenge served on a cold plate is said to taste better.

My point is, that we have to get JUSTICE we also have to understand what that justice is.

G-d bless the will to take a step back and get real in the peace negotiations.

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Mr. Trump

Oh my g-d political violence, again.

First of all, I know exactly how you feel Mr. Trump, I have myself been through the same for the last 15 years. I have managed to survive, but the rest of my friends have either been shot, put in jail or silenced in some other way.

I came to the fore at the same time as Breibart, and he is dead. My friend Lars Vilks is dead. One of my friends I going to jail for 1 1/2 years for a minor offense and so on.

This renaissance is so violent.

But my experience is at the same time, that you just have to keep on going on.

So what is really at stake here?

First of all, what we in the middle of, is a change of direction. I have kind of been the general in this movement, so I know the ups and downs.

If you compare to the time of Martin Luther King and a young Kennedy, it was the same. Even though rev. King was for non violence, the system didn’t like him, so he was probably killed in a conflict with them.

I am not sure, but that is how things are right now, so it’s probably the same then. He was in jail and so on.

After that we put statues of him, but in his own life he was a martyr.

The thing is, a new political movement has to go from the rebellious state to being institutionalized as fast as possible, to make all the blood and mayhem as little as possible.

That was the idea behind my own tv station TV freedom. It was an attempt at institutionalizing the movement.

It didn’t work, but it will eventually. That is just how these movements are.

It’s also the idea behind my support to the social democrats. It is an attempt at institutionalizing the movement.

It can go horribly wrong and end up in a revolution. That is when the system does not open up for the new developments.

This is very probable in places like Denmark, where it is adamant in violently beating down the new development.

While as in the UK, Mr. Starmer is realizing these ideas peacefully.

So coming back to Mr. Trump. The best thing we can do, is to accept him.

G-d bless the will to incorporate the new ideas and make the a part of our institutions.

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