To build a land, a land has to have power, power comes from being able to produce things; small things big things, complicated things simple things. If you cannot produce things, then you are dependent on other foreign powers, a situation any nation do not like to be in.

America is in dire straits; production is falling, power is therefor shortening up, a solution to the situation is needed.

Let us have a look on the problem. There are plenty of ingenuity in America; good engineers, brilliant scientist, affordable labour, but still the production is removed from this beautiful land of the bold.

Why? Because there is no incentive for the producer to keep the production in America; it is much cheeper to produce in China, or Bangladesh, so some believe. It is without any repercussions for the producer to abandon the country and produce somewhere else, it is after all a free country.

Well it is a free country, but it is also a now a poorer country due to redistribution of production capacity. The freedom America enjoys may soon turn into slavery, if the production is not brought home to America.

How do one bring home production? There are several means. The first and most easy, is to make the state sponsor promising projects. This is what China have done with a lot of succes. It is quite easy, simply find good and promising projects, help them into production, on the terms of loyalty to the nation. This is done on smaller scale in Europe in energy projects such as windmills and aviation.

Secondly a serious protection of knowledge has to be put into place, China has been stealing knowledge since it started its industrial revolution. The chinese secret service and other means are put into action. This has to be stopped with all means, counterintelligence on the highest level should be put in force immediately. The private enterprises has to be alerted, and the secret service should be put into action.

But end of the day, motivation is most important. There are two types of businessmen; the first type is the egoistic and selfish type, they are in it for only the money. The second type is the social entrepeneur, a conscious and conservative individual who do it for society.

How do we encourage the latter and bind the first? By law and honour. The first should be tackled by serious and fair laws, the latter should be given honour. Not just a little honour, but a lot of honour. The businessmen who give back, think about the community, who show their conscience, should be rewarded with a complex and gradual system of medals and public honourifiq. Put them on the front page, give them rewards, shake their hands. Let them know that society recognise and like their contribution.

In this way, an many others will America be rich again; by bringing back the production.

And, call me if you want, the Skype number is asgerhe, if you call nobody will believe me anyway, so nobody will know 🙂

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