July 6th, 2024

When I did a lot of the peace building in the Middle East ten years ago, it was a peace building that was based on the shared legacy and culture of the Middle East. We are all heirs to the culture that has shaped most of humanity. Law, the republic, trade, religion, royalty, are all ideas that was born in the Middle East and still thrives in many places.

Ethics and philosophy is an integral part of all the governments in the Middle East.

So finding bridges between the different creeds was what worked.

So I went and did other things. And left my work pretty much undone. This some of the background to the 7’th October, at least from my perspective.

It culminated in the problems I had with the Danish authorities, that set an end date to my ideas in the Middle East. But I have come back, through an arduous and often very painful process, I have proved my mettle, and have proved that I am not finished, and I am still an active player in the Middle East.

So, at least from my perspective, I need to keep being an active part of the Middle East. This is my realization in this “after the war” discussion.

G-d bless the will to stay with the developments you are a part of.

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