The media war

I have been an adamant supporter of Israel for my whole life. I am a zionist and Jew, and I truly see Israel as the last refuge for Jews who are persecuted, like myself.

So, whatever I do is to keep Israel alive.

So, the discussion right now is; why is it, that Israel has a bad image in the world?

The reason is really quite obvious. People all around the world are not stupid, they can see a war for what it is. Sometimes the propaganda is really working in high gear, and the population will fall in line. Often though that is just because they are afraid to go against the official stance of their government.

So people are not stupid, and there are a lot of these “independent” new agencies of the blogger kind.

So how do you then work a war in a very transparent world? You do it be being MORE ethical than your opponent. You make sure, that civilians are out of harms way, especially children. You do not rape anyone and so on.

Photo opportunities are very important, in the sense, that you must avoid doing anything that will put you in a bad picture.

Now almost 40.000 Palestinian Arab have died, compared to a much lower number of Israeli. So just by this count, who is the bad guy?

A massive part of the houses of Gaza has been demolished and so on.

I am not saying, that the IDF did not take care, what I am saying is, that if you look at the numbers objectively, the Gazan Arabs have suffered more than Israeli. And I of cause I sympathize with the Israeli more or less living in a shelter all the time.

That is not the point, the point is, that the Palestinian Arabs have suffered MORE than Israeli.

This again is because the IDF is fighting a war on the surface of Gaza, while as the Hamas fighters are living in the tunnels. So the bombs and ordnance is destroying the houses above ground and not the tunnels.

So, you can make as much PR you want, if the battlefield is conducted with no regard to the media, it does not matter. That is exactly the problem.

The war never was intended to be a material war in tandem with a media war. So we loose in the media war.

Hamas however have always fought both wars simultaneously, often they have been MORE concerned with the media war than the real war, making Potemkin facades, some call it Palliwood, for the staged pictures.

THAT is one of the reasons I have proposed that we move the civilians out of harms way. Not only because that is the most humane, but also because that would be the most smart move in the mediawar.

This was not listened to by the current leadership. That is ok, I do not have any practical power.

But if you do not think in both wars in once, you loose. That is one of the reasons why we are loosing right now.

At the other hand, we will survive, as things stand. We will survive with most of our alliances intact, and we will be able to rebuild after the war.

You may take this for granted, but the wise reader would have remembered a month ago, when we were at the brink of the abyss, and I called all hold. If we had not stopped there, we would have lost all our allies, and then Israel would have been finished.

Also, a few weeks ago, our Arab allies were almost pulling out, I use my own political capital to buy us a few more weeks.

That is where we are.

All around the world, people see this as a fact, and are all just waiting for a negotiation to finish the war.

Hamas is there, they are open on it, but mr. Gvir and mr. Smotrich who are the ones to set the initial goals I think, are against it.

My advice, let’s cut our losses, and rebuild.

I know, that a loss is a massive defeat, and we are not used to that. But that is how the world is made. When you fight, you win some, and you loose some.

It gives you humility to loose, and that is all fine. Winning is not the true aim of a life, LIVING is the true aim of life. Having an existence that is sustainable.

We are EXTREMELY dependent on good strategists to win our wars.

Right now, unfortunately, and this is not pointing fingers, but saying out the obvious, we do not work with a good strategy, because we are not COMBINING the media war with the ground war.

The media war is the most important for a small country like ours.

G-d bless the will for Israel to survive, and may we prosper at the other end of this horrible war, G-d bless the peace we will eventually find.

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