The migrants

There is a lot of horror in the managing cadres of the British state regarding the rising and mounting problems with migrants.

Well, as the proverb goes, according to the Copts, who have had these problems the last 1400 years. 

“Don’t ask the victim not to cry, ask the offender to stop striking”

In other words, we have to be honest about who are actually causing the problems and then start doing something about it. 

First of all, what is really important, is the be clear on our own values. what seems to be the problem with Britain First, is the fact, that they have not been sufficiently outspoken about what they base their values on. If they base it in some kind of fascist dogma, this is off cause totally wrong. Shifting one kind of fascism with another is just stupidity.
Therefore we have been absolutely clear about the base we base our discussion of the migrant problems on. 

Democratic humanism. 

So, if migrants do not accept our democratic values, the rule of law and accept the sanctity  of life, they are not welcome. 

We see a long term threat to our democracy, if we have too large a base of voters who would like other systems and do not accept the democratic law

So, in essence, if a migrant is criminal or a part of a criminal network. That being an extremist mosque or the like, this is shut down, and the criminal is expatriated. 

We are working with the human rights judges right now, to find a way to include this in the official dogma of human rights. 

This is beginning to work, and it has created a sense of urgency in the migrant communities. They are realizing, that in order to live here, they need to abide by the rules. Otherwise we are officially allowed to kick them out of the country. 

It is as simple as that. 

You abide by our rules, or you get a kick out. 

They understand that. 

They still fight for their case, and that is fair enough. But the violence and the criminal conduct, the abuse of public wealth fare and so on, is not helping their case. 

In conclusion, we have a viable, internally accepted process, that leaves a lot of room for the migrants to accept the rules, and it solves the problem of rising migrant violence of different kind. 

It is definitely not easy, but it is a way of tackling the problems that is not inhuman or uncontrolled. 

It is a fair process, that hopefully, will solve the problems in the next ten to twenty years. 

G-d bless the will to be honest in this difficult situation, and use the right levers of the state to solve the migrant challenges.

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