The new paradigm

If we look at the world, most of it still runs in the direction Barack and I planned. This is not to diminish Mr. Trump. He has been doing quite well internationally, and should be respected for that. 

But simply to try and understand what is going on in the world right now. When Barack and I started the peace effort in the Middle East. Everything was in shambles and everybody was fighting everybody. Now, there is peace. The last little nugget of true atrocities were finished, more or less, with the fall of Mosul. Thank you again Mattis, very well done. 

In the US, the economy is still in very high gear, and Mr. Trump is still using the ideas Barack and I had. He uses them more forcefully, but he still uses the basic ideas. So in a way, we all live inside of my head. 

I noticed this condition of the world, when there are great minds that make something of the world. Like Tesla, Thoreau, Newton or Steve Jobs.

It all comes down to the character of the idealist or philosopher. The world we create is a reflection of our own character. 

Like Newton. Newton was truly a terrible man. He hated people, and he was very cynical. The world he left us, that of industrialization, was cold and unrepenting. 

Niels Bohr, who oversaw the making of the atomic bomb was a very nice person. So even though he made the bomb, he also left us a world where we actually never used it, on his command. Imagine that. 

With the current crisis in the Democratic Party, please have a look at what Barack and I have done. It HAS changed the world to something else. It reflects our stance on ethics and life. When I was younger, I was more revolutionary. Today as I have matured, I am more inclusive. 

The first phase of my work is what we witness in Europe now. For better or worse, it will go down in a revolution. But that suits the Europeans the best.

In the US however, the depth of what Barack and I have done, is still not realized. 

We made, here it comes, so pay attention: CHANGE, right. 

That change was a true shift away from the Alinsky paradigm to a Trier paradigm. Where Alinsky was for minorities and truly a Frankfurterschool adherent, what Barack and I have done is much more broad and sound. 

We went back to Hegel, fixed the flaws of Marx, installed a whole new economic paradigm, made peace in the Middle East, brushed off the ideas of Democracy. 

In a sense, we made a whole new Social-Democratic paradigm. A more sound one. A deeper one, and we still have not realized this in the Democratic Party. 

We DID make a turn around, we fulfilled the promise, and we should build on the platform. 

G-d bless the will to be strong in our faith. 

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