The republic

July 5th, 2024

Ok, here is an idea about a movie we may make.

What about a movie about the fight that democracy is in, when it tries to avoid going from democracy to tyranny, that is the normal course of a democratic development.

A bit inspired by Star Wars, that is the same story, of the republic, that tries to reinstate itself after the fall of the old republic.

The hero could be a philosopher/warrior, who is searching for comrades who are ready to stand by him in his fight to make a better, healed and more virtuous world?

There could be a love story involved with a beautiful princess, that falls in love with our hero, as he fights for the redemption of the republic.

So, the depth of the film could be all the intricacies of the political as well as the romantic platonic reflections.

We could have a Yoda like character, who would debate with the hero about the fall of virtue, and the reinstatement of public faith and respect for the virtues like justice, enlightenment, love, faith and wisdom.

That could make an amazing frame around a small series. And yes, we should definitely make it for cinema. So that it carries all the old fashioned virtues of that craft.

What about that?

G-d bless the will to save our democracy from the fall and the tyrant.

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