The two fights

​Well now it has been a few months of Mr. Trumps presidentship. I realise, that I have been quite demanding, and I am sorry, but there is so much at stake, and so little room for error. 

I am not a president, I am not a leader of a country. I am an intellectual, and it is my job to lead and guide the free world, from an intellectual point of view. 

This is my job. 

Contrary to a president, I do not field any warriors or command huge armies. I do not have to seek compromise in the two chambers and I am idealistic, and can do that without any repercussions. 

But at the end of the day, the interest of the US and mine are exactly the same. 

I bleed, I sacrifice, I fight for a better world. 

When Mr. Obama took over from Mr. Bush, the situation was really problematic. The US fought the islamist or the radical Muslims in a very expensive way. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq was extremely expensive. 

Barack and I scaled the costs down, sought and succeeded in making an alliance, and gave the American economy a breather. 

This gave the defence community a chance to think about the priorities. 

Because the basic problem of Mr. Bushes wars were, that it gave China a way to push down the US. Because the wars were paid with money lend from China. 

So it was a problem that the Afghan and Iraqi wars made the US weaker in other end of the globe. 

In practise it meant a lot of money going to the Chinese, and also it gave them a way to expand their territory worldwide. We see it in Africa, and East Asia. 

Now, we changed that, and this gives the US a very good fighting chance. 

The strategy against China is complex. At one hand it is domestic. We seek to rebuild the production base of the US, through cutting off the flow of production going from the US to China and Mexico. At the other hand we build a military presence ind and around China, to curb their aggression. 

This is working, Australia is coming back to us. The Philippines is coming back. The Taiwanese feel supported and so on. In essence we are fighting back in East Asia, to the benefit of our allies and ourselves. 

Two birds with one stone and all profits. Win win. 

This fighting is again more than just a military might of showoff, it is also, and that is really the most important, an economic fight. 

We need to win the economic fight to win the military fight. 

In fact, we should not use military force unless we are truly forced to. 

If we can press back China without lifting a gun, that would be preferable. But we should not be naive, it may come to blows, and if it does, we should ready for it. 

So again, these are my analysis, it is free, it does not cost anything, so I hope you do not see this as Mr. Obama trying to run things from behind. It is not, it is me Asger, trying to save the West and our democratic values. 

G-d bless the will to be strong in the face of strife.

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