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Well, now we are, at least, going in the right direction, but we must realize, that there is truly a long way to go, before the world is really under any kind of American leadership.

This I do not say to discourage, but to kind of prepare ourselves for the long haul.

One of the things that has been going on in the last four or five years is the leadership gained by France in fighting islamist extremism. They are fighting it in France and in the entire francophone world.

As opposed to the Anglo Saxons, France has never really had the same break with its colonies. They are stil kind of colonies, but since France have started out being a humanistic/democratic republic fighting for equality, the French colonies have never really been treated badly, not as the Belgian og Anglo Saxon Colonies, so there is still a great bond there, that is truly humane.

At the other hand, the french colonies, especially in middle Africa are really fightin against islamic extremism of the worst kind. The killers come down from Sahara and start their killing spree.

Point is, if the US wants to lead, there is a lot of catching up in this area, and with the softer tones coming from Washington, people are wondering whether the US is drawing of the conflict fighting Osama Bin Laden, IS and so on. A fight that is raging in Africa and Western Europe.

Again, we should be very careful not to push away good muslim allies as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and pro westerne democracies and allies, and find that balance.

But the fight is still very much alive, and right now France is leading.

Finding some kind of action and strategy here is really important, and cooperating with France is very important, since they are doing a very good job at it.

France wants to carve our its own legacy and honour here, and to me, that is just really good, leading is not about giving credit, it is about making strategies and supporting, selflessly for ones allies.

But, there remains to be done a huge amount of work here.

Then there is the border crisis. I know a hot potato, and ms. Harris is drowning in the job, I get it.

But it is, nonetheless a crisis building up steam, so we need to tackle it in a humane yet forcefull way. And in the current climate of animostiy that is going to be really, really difficult.

I mean Noam Chomsky is pulling out the big guns, and is calling anyone who wants to tackle the crisis with an iota of order and seriousness, evil.

That is the problem lying right there, and we need to solve it, to make progress and lead again, fix America for everybody, black and white and brown.

So what should we do?

First of all, I would initiate a dialogue with the involved countries that are loosing their citizens to the US.

Yes, some will cooperate some not. But some kind of communication should be established.

Then I would invest heavily in border control. Not a border control to run around and hunt people, but make systems that actually house migrants, make sure, that all rules are followed, keep the kids safe. Be serious about this.

Chaos is not doing any good, we need order to protect people.

So invest in border security, but with the aim of making the whole system humane.

In the UK, mr. Johson seems to have fallen asleep, what is going on Boris?

I know that being sick is a devastating experience, me myself have just had two years in bed more or less. But that is life. As Franklin D. Roosevelt once said; if you are at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on.

But now you are healed again, so you need to carry on brother. That is life, ups and downs, use your skill to further the interests of Britain and the Commonwealth, but in a nice and decent way.

So equality is not about one winning over the other, it is about harmony.

If you are truly equal, then you are supposed to be happy, that is the aim of the world today, to make a harmonius, equal world, where people are happy, right?

Not too much conflict, but respect and honesty.

G-d bless the will to heal the world.

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