War in Europe

Well, there is a reason why I have been put to jail here in Denmark, and why Rakel has ultimately been tortured by the PET. Let me let you in on the story.

Since numerous direct enemies of the West has immigrated to Europe and Denmark, one of the worst sides of war has begun here, that of raping and pillaging.

It is like this. Before the immigration, the country was quiet and safe, after, war began, especially on girls. They are soft targets and can easily be targeted by men of deceit and bad intentions.

Today in Europe and especially the North, the rape epidemies are beyond control. In the capital of Norway, the police openly admits it.

This off cause is a cause to serious trouble in the countries, and makes the public really, really scared.

Now, a few years back, I addressed the problem here in Denmark. It was in an interview with Lars Hedegaard and I addressed like this. I asked Hedegaard why we did not stop it. I knew, that I would cause a lot of discussion, and obviously stop the problem, because the debate would give the state motivation to stop it.

It worked, today, there are virtually no rapes in Denmark, and if there are, some of my supporters are quick to address it, and give the situation the attention it needs.

I will give you an example. Two years ago a young Somali raped a girl only twelve years old. The poor girl was basically abandoned by the public, and all kinds of pseudo socialist explanations were given. The truth of the matter was, that the raper had just been back in Somalia, where he was taught this procedure of war and given the order to implement it in Denmark.

So this is how war works, the same has happened in Egypt, and is happening in Congo.

Now, the public is so scared with this manifestation of Muslim brotherhood power, so they turn the cheek, and look the other way.

This is, in my view, absolutely cowardly, and not really a respectful way to help the young girls. The problem is however, when I tried to address it, I was put in jail. Not an official jail, but an unofficial one, where I had no acces to the public, no job and my family was torn to pieces.

So the state is basically HELPING the MB soldiers. Or rather al queda operatives.

So when we attack the different targets, these are all targets who was implied in the cover up of my person. These persons and institutions are MB backers and as a consequence enemies.

G-d bless the free and the bold.

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