Another attack

So it happened again, another round in the theatre of evil. Killing innocent people at a country concert. What is the matter with these people, who do such things.

If it really is ISIS, which it may very well be. It is forbidden to listen to music in Islam, and Las Vegas is a city of sin for the Islamists.

Then how can it ever be spiritual to kill innocent people! It makes no sense.

Anyway, we pray for you, and we feel the pain that you feel. The destruction and chaos seem absurd, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If we confront the evil that is there, in a sound and honest manner, it can lead to strengthening.

And if it is ISIS, then we must also realise, that their reach is long, and this battle far from over.

We must be strong, in the face of this corrupted behaviour. Have faith in our values and way of life. Because it is the best, and it will triumph in the contest with this abomination of a faith.

G-d bless United States of America, and may it keep its strength.

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