The new right

Germany has had a rough time these last hundred years. First there was the unification under Bismarck, then there were the years of a defunct Weimar republic, and lastly the second world war.

The problem for Germany is really not the political development. Yes off cause, as a Jew, and having family members fleeing from Gestapo, I really despise the Nazies. But in a political, developmental sense, the problem was not really the content of the ideas, it was the geopolitical implications of having a huge, strong power in the middle of Europe. It was and is too penned in.

Now it has shackled itself over the last eighty years, not to make anyone afraid of them. But that also does not work, even political correctness seems to anger many.

There is however a way out, but it will be difficult, and it would involve my support. You have that, there are many others whom read here at Rubicon, and right now, I am trying to make a political basis for the Liberals in the US, add to the this the stress of this being a work with no pay, it can be a little difficult. But, I will do my best.

Look at it this way.

AfD is a child of the Mohammad Cartoon crisis. In the aftermath of the cartoon crisis, Denmark was a part of a realignment of the right. I know, because I made it. These were my basic arguments. First, if the right goes apocalyptic in nazi feelings and ideas, the West will fall, and there will be no Jews left in Europe. So, what we need is another way out. We need a conservative ideology, that is not racist. This ideology should target Islam, but do it in an intelligent and humane way. Through the understanding of our own values, as freedom, democracy, humanism, spirituality and so on, we could build a positive image of ourselves, opposed to a negative of those we came to call islamists.

These ideas spread in the world, and today they include different parties that has not yet really riped to full fruition. But you know them. Donald Trump, Marine le Pen, Edl, SD, Generation identitaire and AfD.

My point is, this political development is designed to remake the political landscape, so that we may keep the democracies we have around the globe. The alternative was division. As we used to say in Edl; United we stand, divided we fall.

I know that revolutions are pretty brutal, and off cause the political system is afraid of them. But this revolution is not about ruining the system, it is actually about saving it from itself and the moral corruption that is in it. The lethargy and back ally deals.

So, there will be no problem in working with them, seen from the system’s perspective. In fact, basically the system will benefit a lot.

The alternative is a full destruction of the Democratic constitutions we have, and war without the state to participate in any coherent way. That is definitely worse, than what we have now.

So, I hope, that you can cooperate. I am not saying, that the system should take any crackpot idea and use it, but take the anger and protest serious, channel it into a well-functioning, systematized and humane handling of the problems.

The mass migration that happened some time ago, should be tackled head on, and within limits that are described by law. But it should be forceful.

G-d bless the will to tackle the situation with impunity and force. But still remember, that we are all humans.

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