The first 100 days

Well, it is time for a shift in politics, these are my recommendations for at first move in the vicinity of Israel.

Make friends with the neighbors. Egypt is the most important, due to the geographic border with Gaza.

Make friends with Sisi, show him appreciation and show that we appreciate his role as leader to one of the oldest and wisest cultures of the world.

Egypt has suffered for many years as difficulties and adversity has been the way things have been.

But deep in the memory of all Egyptians lie the memory of the golden era of Egypt. When the pyramids were built, when Egypt was the foremost country of wisdom. Sneferu, Akhenaten and all the other pharaohs.

It is through the lens of the understanding of the Egyptians as what they are, that we can maintain a friendship, the land of order and life.

Then do the same with the other countries around Israel, go to the Arab kingdoms and appreciate their culture and history. Give homage to the brazen desert warriors. Understand their fervent adoration of ethics and the right life.

Then go to Lebanon and water their cedar trees, as a recognition of the Phoenician heritage and their inherent beauty. And the go to Iran, to see, if there is still a bit of that Cyrus spirit. The spirit of valiant, ethical conduct. The spirit of doing the good deeds, speaking in a manner of good, and having good thoughts.

Understanding our neighbors is, to me, the key to peace.

There is a long way from Manhattan to Ur or Babylon, but people are the same everywhere, they want to be seen as who they are, and be respected in the their own right.

We in the West have given a lot back over the years through our research in the ancient cultures of the Middle East, understanding the wealth of culture in Egypt and other countries of the Middle East.

This understanding is now feeding back to the Middle East, and hopefully will renew its understanding of itself as the illustrious civilization it once was and now can be again.

This is the path to reach peace.

G-d bless the peace we can find in the Middle East.

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  1. vivarto
    June 16th, 2021 at 05:27 | #1

    Egypt is under Arab, Muslim occupation.
    So is Lebanon.

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