Making America happy again

Well Joe, things are shaping up. There are plenty of pitfalls ahead, but things are, more or less, back to normal. Normal being the state run by politicians with a good relation to the bureaucracy.

That is good.

Importantly, we need to look at the challenges ahead, in order to prepare.

Internationally, there are two main challenges, or rather, hopefully only one challenge.

First is the Middle East, secondly is the civilwar that is in its infancy here in Western Europe.

First lets have a look at the Middle East.

Mr. Netanyahu is stepping down, yes it takes a few days or weeks, but mr. Naftali Bennet is gearing up for his own government.

How this is going to shape up, will be pretty evident in the first two to three weeks of his cabinet.

Mr. Bennet is a new kind of politician in some ways than Netanyahu, and in many ways he is just the son of mr. Netanyahu in political terms. And, Benyamin, sometimes it is ok to let the son take over the business, because, I mean look at the son you have got, he is SO skilled. So give him the best possible chance to do something with his presidentship. He has waited, now he is ready, so be a good dad, and give your political progeny a good chance to start.

That would show your pride in Bennet, and give him a good platform to base his initial political strides on.

The beginning is the hardest, and getting over the first 100 days can either make a platform like mr. Biden now has, or create no platform, so that the leadership cannot work.

Your choice, but power is only important if it in itself is progressive in the sense of giving the country a better future.

Maybe mr. Bennet is the future?

Anyway, I will try to help mr. Bennet in his first 100 days. Here is my first advice. Dont go too fast, dont go too slow. You need to progress with your vision in a steady but forcefull manner. Take your time, think it through, and then act.

Secondly, international politics is like a computer in the sense, that it is extremely complicated. It is a massive chess board, and there are some prette skilled players out there.

You can be outmanuevered in a short time, if you do not show skill in the game.

The Middle East is best understood, in the game, as a series of players who are ancient. Understand the Persians, the Arab, the Phoenician, the Egypt in biblical terms gone modern, and you will have sucess. Zionism in the original Lawrence of Arabia perpective is just that, a scholar on the ancient Middle East gone politician.

The Middle East loves that, the old ways, the traditions, the ideas of Babylon, Memphis, Ur, Zoroaster, Akhenaten, because that is Middle East tradition, and tradition runs deep in the Middle east.

The second conflict to tackle mr. Biden, will be that of islamist insurgency in Europe. They are gearing, numerous terrorattacks in Belgium, France. It is a pot that is boiling over.

Here again, to me, it is VERY important to diffentiate between good muslims and bad muslims.

Islamic State are undemocratic and inhuman, liberal muslims of all colour are within the reach of democracy, and should be asked for dialogue.

So tackle the bad muslims and curry favor from the good muslims.

That is the plan at least, we will see how it will unfold. I do REALLY hope, that the trenches are not dug too deep, and the continent will go up in flames christians vs. muslims. But it can be isolated to a fight with only the terrorists.

But time will show.

The EU are planning on taking more migrants into Europe, that can only fan the flames. So we need to be vigilant, and see what will happen.

Then again, hopefully it will all just be small skirmishes, but probably larger conflicts will happen.

Anyway, we are out with a pretty good start, and hopefully we will keep our eyes on the ball, and keep America prosperous, equal and happy.

Because at the end, that is what it is all about, making a world where people are satisfied with their lives, and therefor just, happy.

G-d bless the will to make people happy again.

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