The late visit by the Canadian PM mr. Trudeau to India, kind of epitomizes the whole conflict between the old school left, and the new left.

Whereas the old left was pretty wacky, I´ll give you that. Seriously, dressing up as a Maharajah with funky shoes and everything, it was ridicolous. That old Beatles vibe just do not hold water.

Do not get me wrong, I used to do meditation, and sat in a chair for twenty minutes to find inner peace. But, I am Danish 100%. I am proud of it, and I will fight for my culture.

I believe, that we should be proud of what we are, and then let Indians be proud of what they are. They have an amazing and ancient culture to be proud of, so do we.

This charade really underlines the shift of mentality in the world right now. People are really sick and tired of the constant flagellantism of the West. The world needs the West for its virtues. We have given so much, so we need to continuing doing that.

Western culture is still the epitome of culture, so tripping around in Maharajah shoes simply is not cool, period.

At the other hand, it reflects back on Europe, especially Western Europe, that is still miring in its own demise. We hate ourselves, and sanctify things in our culture that is terrible.

We should not do that. Off cause, we should show mercy. But seriously, accepting medieval conquest as something above our own culture, that is sick indeed.

I love Indian culture, I know that a lot of the lore that we have gotten through the Hellenes comes originally from India, and India should, rightfully, be proud of that. But we invented all the tech that now bring us to Mars!

Seriously, we should get out of that idiotic zone of selfflagellantism, and appreciate our own culture.

Because it is amazing. Everybody adores it, and rightfully so, then why cant we?

Yes, I know we lost G-d in the first world war, yes I know that the English made an Empire that many people disliked, yes I know. But at the heart of the matter, people like that we are humane, advanced, strong in faith, loyal, exceptional and amazing.

So when I go to India, I will wear my Ray-bans and bring a nice first aid kit made in Denmark. I will go there with Mærsk, build a house with Lego bricks, and show Indians my new B&O stereo. Not to say that I am above Indians, but because, this is what true cultural exchange is about. You having a fine culture, and me having a fine culture.

G-d bless the will to stop this absurd degradation of Western culture.

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  1. Lol
    August 16th, 2019 at 14:54 | #1

    shup up Nazi loser

  2. Asger Trier Engberg
    August 27th, 2019 at 10:16 | #2

    Oh dont give me that naziphobic bs 😉

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