The development, that I have spawned is not a development that is natural in the sense, that it would have happened like it has anyway.

The renewed faith in spirit, the renewed faith in Democracy, the faith in family and so, is something I have invented.

Off cause these ideas were there already, but the more profound vision is of my creation. Off cause some of the problems of these vision, is also my creation.

But be as it may, we need to take another step. I can only get so far by myself, we need to organize.

As we get more organized, the ideas will have a less fragile quality.

Organization however is difficult, everybody wants a share, and who is the most equal among the equal?

So, what we need to do, as I see it.

Is to make a plan, and get on with it.

I have been reaching out, tentavely these last few weeks. A little to my Jewish friends, a little to my orthodox friends, and will continue over the next few weeks to reach out.

What we end up doing, is a matter of listening to all whom may wish to be a part of a renewal of European culture.

My idea is to make a platform from where we can prove the existence of G-d.

This is really what I want to do, and what I have fought for for a long time.

But, if other religious or political people are interested in fighting some fight, I will listen the best I can.

But, I will try to start some kind of collaboration, with all religious people, and please do not hesitate to chip in.

G-d bless the will to remake the world.

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