A new view of the world

The worst thing about the modern science development, is, to me, the idea, that we are living in a Darwinian world. A world where all is about surviving or being killed.

There are other ways to look at nature, that makes just as much sense, and are much more positive.

According to some of my sources, another way to look at nature, is to see it as two opposed forces, one of friendliness, and one of unfriendliness.

This encapsules the same idea as Darwin, just, as in the example of Empedochles, it is more balanced.

It is not that we just live in a live or die situation. There are choices to be made. We can see the friendly parts of nature, and the unfriendly.

It alleviates a lot of the finality of the Darwinian ideas.

It is not so, that we are forced to fight all the time to survive. And just because there are unfriendly forces of nature, that does not imply, that we have to fight them.

So the more nuanced ideas of Empedochles and other ancient philosophers, will tend to give us a more nuanced wiev on the world.

Take the sea. We are not really looking for friendly places to save are we?

Maybe we should.

Maybe we should think about who or what are friendly to us in nature, and savour it.

Maybe doplhins are friendly right? Dogs, cats and so on.

We have friends, and then we have things that does not like us. There are many bacteria, diseases.

If we see the friends we have in nature, and make a collaboration, the world would be another place.

Maybe nature would not be enslaved to us humans, but a place to like and take care of. As the shepherds we are supposed to be.

G-d bless the will to do good, and understand our world better.

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