What is happening

The world is balancing on the brink of total destruction. The development that Barack and I gave to the world is slowly meeting its demise, and there is no real hope of any peace anywhere right now.

In Europe, the signs are grave indeed, the migrant crisis is totally uncontrolled, and nobody knows what to do.

The only real hope right now, is the new alt right parties, that may or may not save the day. But there will be fighting and chaos.

At the other end of the world, the fighting between the US and China is not solved in any way, but basically just put on hold. There is no way around it. China must be stopped in its early development, otherwise, it will challenge the way the world is put together.

There is still time, but time is really running out.

At the good side, there is now a lot of progress made on the AI front, so that the Chinese will not be able to control our hardware. So we are ready for a fight, better early than later.

It is going to come anyway, so we should get on with it.

At the heart of the matter, lies a simple truth. That truth is, that what used to be the English Empire is not functioning. At the other side of Denmark, Russia is not as wealthy, but at least it is functioning.

It is truly this problem we need to solve, somehow.

The way we do it, is by looking at what we are, and be proud of it. Instead of making excuses all the time, be proud of what you are.

This is difficult in the current climate of self degradation, and guilt complex. But, hey, look at it, all the former colonies are now looking back at the time before the independence, as something that was good in a sense. Some even miss us that much.

That can only be because we did something right, right?

Finding our self-esteem and self-respect is really all that matters.

We are good enough, in fact, we are really, really good. We have done so much for mankind, so there is no reason to be sad.

So, turn around, look at yourself, and tell me, that you do not see a wonderful, proud person, that should have all the honor in the world, because he or she can deliver what is most important these days; peace.

G-d bless the will to be proud of what we truly are. G-d bless the fair isles of England.

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