The Danish way of humanism

When you Change something, it will not be the same anymore. Looking at the grant scheme of things, what is it really that I have been changing together with, among others, mr. Barack Obama, and now mr. Trump.

Forty years ago, Sweden was the great humanist country. It had soaring persons such as Dag Hammarschiold and others. They really blazed the way for a democratic, humanist agenda.

Today, Sweden is the laughing stock of the world. All the migrants wreaking havoc in Sweden, and then suppressed by the media, makes Sweden an example people will loath to follow.

Enter Denmark. Denmark used to be the little brother of Sweden, especially in the sixties to the eighties. Now it is the other way around. Don’t get me wrong, I truly love Sweden, and I will fight to save them. I even would say, that we really share values. We are both democratic, humanist countries.

So what is the difference?

The difference is really in the historical experiences of the two countries. In the Second World War, Sweden was spared the nightmare of the Nazis, not so with Denmark. We had the full experience, maybe it was not as devastating as Russia and the Eastern front, but we had our share of horror.

This really gave us a taste of what happens when you are pacifistic. We tried with the Germans to appease them, look at where that got us. So we did get a sound dose of realism.

The founding father of the Democratic, humanistic tradition here in Denmark, a philosopher called Brandes, was a friend of my great grandmother, so we have, in my family, been close to a lot of the fights that was in the humanistic community. I feel, that I have had a solid upbringing when it comes to be a Democratic philosopher.

One of the things, that I really noticed, was the courage of the leading humanist of his time, P.H. Aka Poul Henningsen. When the nazis came, he fought, with all his might, to counter them. The mainstream of humanists, they just stood by and accepted the denigrating and abusive way of the Nazis, but the best of the humanist, he fought back.

That is really the true difference between the Swedish and the Danish way of Democratic Humanism, we fight back.

Often this is costly, me myself I am still living on a shoe string budget, there is no luxury for me, and very little recognition, if any.

But that is the way it is, if you truly want to make change.

So the new paradigm, is a fighting, less idealistic in the “having your head in sky” sense. More basic, more true to the core values of freedom, enlightenment and humanism.

Let me give you an example. When I started my career, or whatever you call it, as a philosopher. I noticed, that the migrants were raping all the Danish girls in my neighborhood. I could have been politically correct, and just stood by. But to my end, I will fight atrocities and humane abuse of any kind. It was wrong, that was all I could see.

So I started talking about it, writing about it, from a humanistic, democratic perspective. It was not racist or tribal or anything. I just wanted to know what on earth was going on.

So I realized, that we ourselves were corrupt, we were not honest about these things. We liked to keep a nice facade, and then just go on. The end result of that attitude was quite clear to me, it could only go wrong. So I started to figure out a humane way to solve these problems, and that got me started in politics.

Today, these ideas are beginning to make their impact on Europe, and will soon turn the boat around.

That is how true humanism and Change is done. Being honest about the problems you face, and then find the most humane and best way to solve the problems.

Being able to stop a development that would have torn European civilization into fragments is the true boon of the process. This is the endgame, that we keep our states and our amazing civilization.

Let that be.

G-d bless the will to see through the fog of war, and find the best and most humane solution to all the problems that is facing Europe.

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