South Africa

It is due time, that we talk about South Africa. The things that is going on down there have ramifications for not only South Africa, but the West as well.

Let me be absolutely honest about my stance on this. Genocide, be it white, black, yellow or anything with any colour is an abomination.

When South Africa was accused of separating people by colour, this was wrong. No doubt about it, but that does not sanctify the genocidal course that the current government is on.

Putting white people in death camps? Raping small kids, just because they are white? Killing mothers and children, raping the mothers when the children look at it. Was this what was supposed to be the outcome of the revolution of Mr. Mandela?

If it was, then we in the West were wrong to trust mr. Mandela and giving him the benefit of the doubt.

The next consequence of what is happening in South Africa is, that it drags away the very reason why we are letting so many people from Africa in to Europe. The Rainbow nation that mr. Mandela wanted to build was an agreed concept that we in the West supported. But if the actual result is a white genocide, then maybe we should have been a bit more careful about these ideas.

Not to mention, that the process of multiculturalism is so progressed in Western Europe, that stopping it will take a lot of will and firing power, that we may just realize, that we are not able to handle this ourselves.

And is Russia ready to just look at it, while the Boers, and people close to themselves are just slaughtered. What about mr. Trump, will he accept it?

I think not, the international community must stop these atrocities and put international pressure on the South African government to stop genocide. Otherwise we should consider using the American troops in South Africa, not to mention the new drone tech.

Now, STOP IT ANC, or you will have to deal with the consequences of an international condemnation.

Under here, you can see some of the horrific stories that a certain ms. Southern has documented, bravely I must say.

G-d bless the peace we will find if we do the right thing.



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