Thank you for your service

Thank you mr. President, after decades of service, finally it is time to put the sidearm to rest besides the chair, and breathe for a second.

So many years of vigilance and service to Israel will be written in the books of us Jews, as one of the greatest leaders of Israel and the Jews.

My good friend Gal always tell me, that the Jews that went to Israel are the Jews, that are not interested in giving in, but are ready to fight whenever needed.

After coming from Yemen, going through the desert, his family arrived in Israel some 50 years ago.

The same with many other Jews.

Then there were the wars, endless wars with everybody around Israel, but now, the people of the Middle East, seem to accept us, as a part of the Middle East.

This is your legacy mr. Netanyahu, that Israel is founded on a solid rock, and is not easily flustered.

Now a new leader arrives, and also he will be of the same vigilant type, becuase we Jews seem to have found a recipe for Israeli leadership.

In the next two hundred years, there will be one Netanyahu after the other. Not in name, but in type. The fierce soldier turned diplomat, turned politician.

Not too bad a legacy to put to ones name.

After all, changing the world to something better, is what we can aspire to do, and so you have.

G-d bless Benyamin Netanyahu, and may your legacy never be forgotten.

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