The collapse of centerstage politics

Ok, I have begun a synopsis describing the things Obama and I did through the presidency. I know, that many liberals see the things we did, as a kind of way out from the deepening of conflicts that is inside the party and with the conservatives.

I have given it quite a lot of thought as I have made the synopsis. The genius that Obama had, was to give the liberals a new way. There are, basically two places where Social-democratism has not failed totally. That is in Denmark and the US. Why? Because it actually takes all the conflict that the new global world gives the West, and challenges them. Just look at Germany right now. The middle is absolutely imploding. Not so in the UK, in Denmark or the US.

Why? Because we have Changed.

The redemption for the Socialdemocrats, or rather the traditional center stage parties, is to tackle the issues of migration, terrorism, Islam and so on, on a solid, realistic basis.

Not taking these things into account will simply wipe out the center of politics, as in Germany.

We need sound, serious and often tough measures to counter the rising threat of Islamism, terror, migration, threats to women, gays, Jews and a terrible rise in crime that these migrations carry with them.

That is really the legacy of Obama, he gave us a way, that is center focused, not radical, but uses the tools of statecraft to solve the problems.

It is pretty scary to think about the German election. I made the AfD, but I also seriously want the state to survive. We are talking about a complete collapse here. That is a bit of a problem.

G-d bless the will to be strong in the face of immense problems.

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