Avant les Bleus!

8220---base_image_4.1424269686The days of peace in Europe are over, we have to realise this. If we just do what we have done so far, it will continue downhill. The problems have become so monstrous, that dealing with them now is almost impossible. But leaving the problems for another ten years will put Europe in a state, where the Islamic brothers will take over most of Europe, leaving small enclaves for the few stalwart defenders of democracy and freedom.

Forget about multiculturalism, it is over. We need to strengthen the values of democracy the rule of law and base this on a true acceptance of freedom as the ruling value.

This is in opposition to the Islamic state, that wants to rule based on the supreme authority of Mohammad the first.

It is like fire and ice, it does not mix.

So, we need to put up both ideological defences as well as physical defences. The most important being the ideological defence, we need to believe in democracy again, we need to fan the flame of freedom and fight for it. There will be blood spilled on the beaches again, and brave hearts broken as a result. But this is inevitable. Because if we linger, freedom will disappear.

To give your life to something, it has to be a good cause. Democracy is such a cause. Freedom of speech, thought and spirit is such a cause.

When the brave young men enter the fray, they should not do it as a defence of their homelands only. It is also that, but they should, as the ragged revolutionaries of the first Republic; unbeatable, because they had the fire of democracy and freedom in their hearts, moving as a unstoppable river through the lands of Europe, lead by the young stars of day.

This is what we should do; inspire, elevate, sacrifice and stand in rows and rows, with that burning flame in our chest. Knowing that the Republic is and was something to spill our blood for.

For humanism and democracy, Avant les Bleus!

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