Now, we are all rethinking the strategies that we have to use to stop the onslaught on westerne societies by islamist holy warriors.

You say that development is going from one extreme to the other. We have had one extreme that now pulls us in the other direction; open borders. The Schengen is what really drove the attack on Paris. It made it easily possible for the islamists to coordinate, get warriors in, setup shop and attack. According to Debka, there were 200 men involved. This could not be done unless they had the ease of travelling.

So what is the natural reaction? It is to make borders, or barriers.

In Israel, that is in very much the same situation as we are in Europe right now, we have become experts in borders. From the border to Gaza to the borders at every cafe and busstop. Borders, borders and yet more borders.

In an open world, that is the anathema to free moving of goods and people, but that will be the reality.

What we have to think about is; where should we put borders, and how should we do it?

The problem is, as Israel has on Gaza, France has as many Gazas as there are ghettoes. Wrap your head around that, as many as there are ghettoes. Just imagine how much that is, it must be hundreds and hundreds. But to be safe, and deliver the security to the citizens, each ghetto will have to have a wall. Maybe not all, but at least all those that are infiltrated and controlled by Hamas or IS, and they are many.

That is the first wall. Then we need walls around our parliament, soccer stadiums, airports, in some places schools and so on. You just imagine it.

The problem is, who are we to keep in the confined area? That answer is simple; we need to keep in there the people who are living in France, that are not citizens. People who are citizens own the country. Now if there are citizens who are fighting and working against the republic, they should, by decree, loose their citizenship.

The confined areas, will probably be like Gaza, ordered in some ways, but often in total chaos. So we need to tackle that as well.

This is, believe it or not, the only viable solution.

I do not like it, but this is the result of the EU policies implemented over the last 40 years, and we are now trying to mend it, with a very serious hangover. If we do not do this, the states will probably fall.

G-d bless the willingness to work hard for peace, even though it seems far away.

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