The future

A man will be able to foresee the future if he has wisdom. This is how it is.

When we talk about the rise of Islamism in Europe, please let me ask you to recall who actually started this fight. It was Barack Obama. He defined the enemy as militants that fight for sharia and a muslim rule called a caliphate.

Now, people are saying that Barack did not do enough, and he should have done more. Well, he gave us all a clear mission, did he not. Is this not leadership? According to Forbes list of the most important peoples of power, he is behind both Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin. Well, I believe that is a good thing, this underlines, that he does not take the lead for the front, but from behind. Instead of wasting all the ressources of the US, he has kept ressources, saving them for better use; education, healthcare and so on. What is so wrong with this? The US is, as we speak, actually getting on its feet again in economic terms, and that is the prerequisite for an international powerposition in the long run. Remember before Obama came to power, everybody talked about, that the US was finished. Now we see decline in China, and a US back on its feet.

But back to the fight against IS. The IS won a huge victory in Iraq and Syria, and has now made considerable gain in Europe. We will see the outcome, but right now, we are loosing big time. The EU is under serious attack, and falling. The cities of Europe are brimming with IS supporters both lethal, and those who are willing to hide their operatives.

They will, most probably finish the EU, and after that, the probability that huge areas of Europe will be under IS control are large.

The system of Europe is largely paralyzed by internal bickering, and failing to a point. When EU falls for real, and it will, if the refugee streams are not put under control, then we shall see what will happen.

At the end of the day, it is about human psychology. We as westerners are fundamentally different in our worldview and modes of action than the Middle Easterners. In the Middle East, alliances always shift from here to here. The animosity is really not so deepfelt. In Europe it is different, we stay on the same course, putting our plans in the future. We do not stray from the path we have laid out for ourselves. Then we are warriors, not just farmers. But we only fight for real, when we feel truly in danger.

European mentality is best compared to a dam. We fill up water in the dam, over the years. At the end, the water makes more and more pressure, and we try, desperately to keep the water in the dam. But as the water builds up, in the end the dam will crack, and all the amassed water will flow out. This is where we are right now. At the top of the dam, the cracks are apparent in the dam, and we are waiting for the water to flow out.

It is hard for Middle Easterners to understand this, but there is on symbolic store Middle Easterners understand, that is the symbol of the Apocalypse. This is European thinking, we wait until the apocalypse come, and the we fight.

Two more pokes in the gut of the Europeans and all water will flow.

G-d bless the will to be free and honest in this difficult situation.

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