It has now been the third major Islamic State attack this year in Europe. First Nice, then London now Barcelona. Beautiful Barcelona, the home of Gaudi and with one of the finest cuisines in all of Europe.

We cry with you, we feel your sorrow, we see your crying eyes, and we cry with you. We know how hard and terrible these things are, how much you feel scared and the surrealistic experience.

We must come together, not only in words but also on action. These atrocities must stop, but it will not stop, unless we are clear-sighted about the range and character of the threat.

These are militant, dangerous and professional killers. They thrive in a world with open borders and a laid back security culture.

So, as a consequence, even though it breaks my heart, we need to stop being so laid back, and actually invest in security. Not just a little, but a lot. We need to come together in NATO, and plan ahead for the increased violence, and we need to see this as it is:

A violent attack on the Spanish Democracy. As it was a violent attack on the Democracies of France, The UK and Denmark.

We should not confuse the intent with that of all Muslims, they do not hate us all. But a lot of them do.

So we need to be realistic about this. Be serious about border control, security threats, and also the growing desperation of the socially disenfranchised proletariat of migrants in and around Europe.

Though they all are disenfranchised, they are also a mounting problem. We need to solve it, and be serious about this.

Otherwise we will end up in much hotter waters, and that would end Europe as it is.

G-d bless the will to be serious and tough with these things, and G-d bless the victims of another terrorist attack, mothers and children. It is despicable.

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