Terror in Europe

At the realisation, that the European continent and the UK is under the threat of Islamic State attacks. We also need to realise, that it will not go away with the usual lethargic strategies. There is no “let us sit in a circle and sing Kumbaya”. There is only one thing, and that is war.

It is devilish, terrible and awful, but the war is here, and we need to act accordingly.

I know, that people suffer tremendously from lack of opportunity in the third world, but that does not sanctify the mass exodus from Africa to Europe.

These trends are not only tearing Europe apart, but will, if not contained, spill into a mass suicidal war for all of mankind.

It has to be stopped in its tracks, it has to be handled professionally from the beginning.

The main problem is a rise of political Islam within many muslim, especially Sunni muslim circles.

It may seem as a righteous cause, but it is not, it is simply causing a lot of chaos and is the spark that can tear all of Islam apart.

Therefor, the responsible European states MUST act to defuse the ticking bomb.

How is this obtained? It is obtained by a mass repatriation of the proletariat that has been formed under the suzerain of the European Union. As the European Union is buckling and shrinking, the effects of its misconduct must be handled.

It may be hazardous and difficult, but if we do not simply send the people back to safe environments, the ongoing conflicts will spill into even more radicalization of the European peoples. Nazism will rear its ugly head again, and other forms of white supremacy groups will gain momentum.

Therefor, the liberal and Democratic forces that still prevail in Europe, must take a complete different stand on these issues, and make a mass exodus of the malcontents. To simply defuse the bomb that the EU has planted.

This will be difficult, but with an iron political will, and the right investments in security measures, it is possible,

IS is thriving in the poor and disenfranchised muslim diaspora communities, and we risk an all out war with them, on the European continent.

This is what we should prepare for, but it is what we can avoid, if we take this refugee/migrant problem at its root, and reverse the flow.

It is not inhuman, otherwise the malcontents and the Europeans will be at each others throats in just few years, we need to act with force and precision to avoid it.

I am so sorry, but we are left with no other choice, if we are to avoid mass war within the European Union. A mass war with an enemy that chooses to have sex slaves and treat Yazidi girls as mere meat.

They will do the same with us, in fact, in certain areas of Europe, this trend is already there to see for those who dare.

Shame on us, for not reacting while we can still defuse the bomb.

G-d bless the will to act in a terrible situation.

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