The Revolution

When you are young you are usually a communist, otherwise you have no heart. But when you are old, you are usually a conservative, otherwise you have no brain, the saying goes.

Well, this is wrong, moral authority has nothing to do with your age, it is about faith.

You can be young and corrupt or old and idealistic. Take Martin Luther King. Did he lose his faith in his old age? Absolutely not. He had faith in the common cause of man in this age of extremes. He sought to make ends meet, and make people have faith in the U.S. be he black, white or whatever.

Perhaps in these difficult times, it is time to remember his example? Unite instead of dividing?

I know that things seem desperate, and Mr. Trump seems like a catastrophe, but he is just a human being, and he is not evil.

Likewise, the revolutionaries on the other side are not evil either. They just feel like there is no solution, and at the end of the line.

What if we are not at the end of the line, but at the beginning? What if this is not a time of destruction, but a time of rejuvenation?

WE can make it like that. A time where we come together despite our differences, despite all our misgivings, despite all the things we feel ENTITLED to.

Spirit is not a place of division, it is a place of unity. Instead of looking at this material world we have, with our own gain as the purpose, we should look at our neighbor, and think about what he needs.

Not ourselves, other people. What they need.

Strife is a dangerous thing, peace is a good thing. But it all depends upon us shedding our ego, and thinking about the kind gesture we can do, and not what we THINK we are entitled to.

G-d bless The United States of America.

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