To be a servant

The élite of the US is really in havoc, Mr. Trump has been a juggernaut, but the effect has been absolute chaos.

The animosity he inspires is huge, and he cannot do anything right. For me, as a Obama man, this is a little weird, I am used to the exact opposite, but be as it may, we need to get things in order to proceed somehow.

This is an example for Mr. Trump. I actually know exactly how you feel, because here in Denmark, I am you. In the sense, that I have had all the animosity of the élite on my frail shoulders, MORE in fact, if you can imagine that.

They killed my mother, they tried to kill my wife, they infiltrated my family and so on. So I know how it is to have the system against you.

Anyway, here comes the example, that may give you an idea about how you may turn things around.

When I was a teacher at the preschool teachers school. That is, I used to teach the young fine women that take care of our young, I had this amazing experience.

I was pretty young and idealistic, and I had this little team of students that was my responsibility.

I had to help them on their program plans and so on.

I wanted them to be politically engaged in the school, join the students board, make a difference. I really bled for them, and it helped. The best student, she went to the students council and became the leader, I was so proud of her.

But the other old teachers, they actually did not care much for the students, all they really cared about, was to talk with each other and be smart when it came to pedagogical theories. To quote a french a philosopher was seen as the height of intellectual status in the group.

For me, as a new teacher, I did not really understand it. Weren’t we supposed to care for the students? But, I kept a low profile, because I was new and didn’t want to stir any trouble. Lord knows, that is was is always happening to me, I stir trouble here in Denmark.

Then one day, at the middle of one of these long discussions on some intellectual problem, my student came into the teachers room. Remember, she was the leader of the students council.

Everything just went quiet in the room. As though people were thinking; what is she doing here?

Then it struck me, the other teacher do not care about the students really. All they care about are each other.

But I really cared about the students, and that had as a result, that the students actually moved.

My point is. The élite often do not care much about the people, they care about the other elites, and see themselves as a part in a game.

True politics are about seeing through this illusion, and really see the needs of just normal people.

The other point is, if you see those normal people, they will see you. So I use my time changing the perception of the students, not caring much for all the other teachers, and you could do the same. See through that veil, and care about normal people, see yourself as the representative of the people in government.

Barack did the same, and he moved a lot. But he had another position somehow.

But that does not hinder you from doing the same as he did, care about the people and their needs.

It is difficult, I admit that. But not impossible.

About that wall, it needs to be built, I really support you on this, and I think party politics should not interfere with it either. The people need it, and that is what we should worry about.

G-d bless the unity we can have, if we try our very best.

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