Winter is coming, and we need to stick together

The military build up for the American troops, have two focuses. Firstly, it has to fight down ISIS, secondly, it has to prepare for a war with China.

The first is really well done in the Middle East, where ISIS has it last stand these very days. Well done General Mattis, very well done.

The next theatre of war is Europe, where IS is entrenched in the refugee masses, and has a general stronghold in many European cities. Cities like Barcelona, London and the like.

The strategic challenge has been prepared meticulously by the last administration. It includes R & D in new weaponry, and a strong but honest pressure on our European allies.

Mr. Trump is ahead in this game, but has all the media collusion against him. But he will be able to make an alliance against these dogs of war who are punishing our kids. Look in the newspapers, there you have it.

This is designed to be American lead. That is a fight for Democracy against a vile and inhuman opponent.

If we play it well, we can do it by using minimal personnel. It should not be a fight fought by American troops, but in the league that Obama and I created. It will, if we take the lead. Or rather let Mr. Trump do it.

The strategy is clear, we just need to put pressure on our NATO allies to finish up the preparation.

There has come a EU army in the meantime, which is a bit of a problem. We need to work around that, and see if we can make them see the wisdom in fighting IS in Europe. They will, if they feel listened to, and can see that the strategy is sound and reflects their Democratic values as well.

But we need to move now, and not be caught up in internal bickering.

Concerning the Afghanistan question. My take on it is this; we went there to fight terror. Terror has morphed into ISIS. ISIS is not represented that much in Afghanistan. So we need to move our troops. Mr. Obama killed Osama Bin Laden, so he is finished, we do not need to linger in Afghanistan anymore. We should not leave a power vacuum. But we won when we got Osama bin Laden, so there is actually not much to do there anymore.

There can be some extra strategical considerations, but we need the troops elsewhere. Just make sure we do not make an Iraq scenario where IS moves in after we move out, and everything is cool, and settled.

Elsewhere in Africa we need to be on the ball. Things are changing in Egypt and Libya. Russia is doing some things there, and France.

So we need to be in the party.

One thing I think we should consider, is to help the part of the Libyan government that reaches out for us. I am not sure, there is a lot of corruption in Libya, and we need to make sure we build a true Democracy, if we go in there. We bungled it the first time, so we need to be careful. But this is an opportunity to show some leadership, if the other countries are willing to let us. Just be careful.

Here again, Mr. Trump could be the man of the day. He has good rapport with both Mr. Macron and Mr. Putin. Let him do what he is good at; make friends and solve strategic riddles. He really did good by showing consideration for Mr. Putin in a situation where the US got really a lot of bad rep. from the Russians.

Concerning the Chinese spectacle. This is war gentlemen. It is not something we want, it is the result of geopolitical movements. They are getting stronger in economic terms, and we will lose our clout and power in and around China, if we let them. Ultimately costing us our own freedom.

I know we are at a risk of nuclear war, but that is how things are. If we afraid of going to war, then there is no point of having a military.

Remember our opponent, China is much more scared of war than we are.

Nuclear holocaust has not happened yet, but we must be realistic in the sense, that it could happen. Showing a brave show of force, will hinder it, and perhaps even stop it.

Not doing anything we, eventually get us all killed. We need to stop the threats.

Again, please understand, that Mr. Trump is, first and foremost, the most potent military asset you guys have. He can make deals none other can, and he has become the personal friend of most top dogs in the world.

He is not a racist, he is a rebel, and he tries to change the dynamic of Washington, and protect the American people, even though, with his limited political experience, that is very difficult.

But we need to understand, that right now, American leadership is i trouble, and if we do not work together, we might just lose it altogether.

Be realistic about these challenges, they are tough, but not impossible.

So, we need to stick together gentlemen, because Winter is Coming, and we need to be prepared.

G-d bless the willingness to be fair and honest in the protection of the United States of America.

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