The UK

I have not blogged a lot about the UK for some time. Why? Because things are actually pretty stable, and the negotiations with the EU is proceeding with a good tempo. Not too fast, not too slow.

In the meanwhile, the US is in a lot of trouble, and they really need my help. Mr. Trump has a lot of problems, and not helping him, will mean the end of American leadership for some time, maybe for ever. These are the stakes.

We need a strong US in this world, with their traditions for Democracy and humanism.

Anyway, rest assured, if and when things move again, I will be there to carry you through these things as well. Or at least try.

In the meanwhile, the work mr. Johnson is doing in the realm of empire building, is really quite good. Bringing the family together again, should have been done a long time ago.

This is not evil imperialism, this is basically a family reunion, and family need to stick together, right?

There is a war coming in all of Europe, if we want it or not. The implications of this is truly terrible, but we need to get on with it, and protect our citizens.

Anyway, you are, right now, in pretty smooth waters, use it to prepare yourself for the wonderful expansion of your own clout in the world, and listen when Trumps comes and want to fight IS in Europe. Working together can mean a lot of cross sharing in terms of intel, fighting and so on.

Be glad, that you are on a good course, for the first time since the first world war.

It is not much, but you actually managed to stem the flow, and change the course.

Mr. Cameron was really the man behind the change of course, and he has not really got the benefit of this admirable feat, hopefully he will in the history books. He sacrificed a lot, and he serves the thank yous and all the medals. At least I will remember a courageous and well-meaning student of Brasenose college, who changed his country at the cost of his career.

G-d bless the willingness to sacrifice for the realm.

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