The unmoving mover

In this situation, where the West is ridden with self-doubt, on our values, on the way we should conduct our course, it is time for us to change our conception of ourselves.

As I have tried to converse about in the past, I sincerely believe, that there is such a thing as spirit.

I have even brought forth a prove of my ideas.

This is intrinsically linked to our downfall, because the reason why we are in this difficult situation, is because we have no faith. No faith in spirit, and no faith in ourselves.

If we define intelligence as the spirituality in ourselves, then looking at that spiritual core is understanding what G-d is, in ourselves.

We are not G-d, but we share a part of G-ds being in ourselves.

As Aristotle say; G-d is the unmoving mover.

Therefor G-d in us must have something to do with moving things.

This is the problem for us these days, we cannot move anything, because we have no faith.

So in that Aristotelian sense, G-d is our willpower.

I believe, that willpower is intrinsically linked to ideals. We move things, because we want to make a better world somehow. Ideals being the plan of a better world, that is closer to G-d.

Therefor, as a conclusion, what we need are clearer ideals, and with that we will regain our will.

THAT is why we need to get away from the ideals of the last century, and reunderstand the values in this century.

Specifically, what is the fight for Democracy today? Where does a humanely understanding person strive to use his powers for good?

The WILL being the spiritual part of ourselves, that is really the moving part.

That is Change, the will to find a more democratic and humanistic world.

But this has to be based on wisdom, otherwise we will not challenge the problems we have in a serious and effective way.

It seems to me, that the fringes of our political development are choosing stasis, unmoving, while the centre is actually moving things.

Strange, it usually is the other way around.

G-d bless the will to see and do good in a desperate situation. And G-d bless all the victims of the late storm, we wish you all the best, from the bottom of our heart.

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