There are some voices around the world, that calls for at new strategy for the West. Well, what about the strategy that we are already following, and seems to be going all right?

I mean, if there already is a strategy at place, then why make a new one.

The strategy that is in place was made by me, in all humility, under the Obama administration, and actually Mr. Trumps seems to be following it, more or less.

There are som differences of objective in and around China. I would have attacked China head on, but, it will end there, probably.

In the other end of the world, there is ISIS, that is moving into Europe. With more attacks coming.

This was also something that I prepared for under the Obama administration, and it is simply the result of a detailed strategy.

My idea was, basically, that we needed to tackle the violence done by the islamic fundamentalist by defining and understanding them as an opposition to Democracy.

The problem in the West, is lack of faith in our own system, our own values. So in order to rekindle the faith in Democracy and humanism, we needed to be clear WHY we fight the islamic fundamentalists. Because they oppose our values.

This will begin, sooner rather than later, and I really hope that Mr. Trump will be able to lead this struggle, it is his claim to fame, and it will cement the leadership of the U.S.

At the other side of the American continent, there is the fight against China. This Barack and I initiated in the second election of his presidentship against Mitt Romney. The reason is quite clear, China were out competing the US in terms of industrial output. This will not work on the long run. We need to fight back, and we did.

So, in the one end, we have a fight to boost our values, this boost will give us the will to fight the other fight.

So in a sense, it would be most adequate to begin the fight in Europe first, because then we would have the moral strength to take the other.

But, we will see how it will end.

But, that is the strategy.

G-d bless the will to do good in this terrible fight.

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