Ok, there is a very, very slim hope of getting out of the Brexit negotiations without making an absolute chaos out of it. 

After listening to his eminence rev. John Sentamu, who has been a staunch remainer, I believe, that we should all remainers as well as brexiteers find some common ground. 

That common ground is difficult to find, because the EU is doing all it can to fuel the dissent on the UK side. Giving demands of an absurd proportion having no motivation for a serious deal. 

Then what to do. 

First of all, it is about seeing the problems that the EU is in already. It is truly falling apart. You do not need to give in to an organization that is dying. 

What you need to do, is to make a deal that would satisfy the true needs of those citizens who have come to Britain, and make a deal for them. 

Because to cut to the essence. Remainers often vote remain, because they are afraid of a racist all white Britain. While as Brexiteers want independence, and fight radical Islam. 

The true comprise then, is to accept the law abiding, democracy supporting new citizens, and at the same time fight the radical islamists. 

This is really where the fault lines goes in the UK. The remainers see the EU as a protection against racism, xenophobia and so on and so forth. 

All the other discussions are not really important, since the EU is falling apart anyway. 

So a ‘no deal’ should really care about the discussion who can stay in the UK, and who cannot. 

That is the bottom line for the people in the UK. 

However, to push the EU bureaucrats even further is not really a good thing. They are already desperate, things are falling apart for them. It may be their own fault, and be due to lack of leadership success. But anyway, they are hard pressed, so another catastrophe would come in very negatively. 

Therefor my advise is to make the draft of the ‘no deal’ in the UK, and then, without much fuss, and respect for the dying Eurocrats, just present it, and say that that is how things are going to be, take it or leave it. 

If you promise not to make much fuss about it, hopefully the Eurocrats can get on with other things, and try to solve some of the much harder problems they have inside the EU. 

Be kind to the falling empire, you know how it is to lose an empire, it is painful. 

G-d bless the will to see things in a light of compassion and sincerity.

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