Well, the Yellow vests seem to be very wrong on one thing. That, that it is the ‘Jews’ in pluralis that is responsible for all the difficulties in Europe right now.

I mean, one of the main points of the whole movement has been the point about going against the Marrakech treaty. I started that on my Danish blog, I am a Jew. So how can ‘all Jews’ be responsible for the difficulties we have right now.

It is simply not true. I do not know if Macron is a Zionist, Rothschild puppet. I believe he has some contacts with the Rotschilds. He does seem to be very close to the ideas of David Rothschild who is a left wing idealist.

But that does not take in all Jews into account.

You know the Chabad house that now is afraid of arson attacks in Paris just anoited me as a Jew. They even gave me a Tefillin, a prayer system.

I know, that people want someone easy to blame. Well, blame the EU system. It is their work that you disagree with. The forced migration, the abandonment of the workers, the low wages.

Blame them, and then some of the old school socialists, who have forgotten you.

But do not blame it on the Jews. I have just made a huge turnaround in the US, where the center point have been the workers. Rapid increase in the livelihoods of hard working Americans. Add to this the impetus to control migration.

I am a Jew.

Macron is a fool. I know, but if you would listen to some of my ideas instead of blaming all Jews, you would actually have a chance at making a better situation of what you are now witnessing as a melt down.

I will not be responsible for any of the violence. I believe in peaceful Change. But, maybe you should listen to the ideas, and put them into practice.

The ideas being, forced migration of islamists, and a renewal of the production basis of your country.

That is the medicine I have prescribed to the US, and it works.

G-d bless the Republic of France, and may it survive without too much bloodshed.

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