I thought, that the Yellow vests were just unthinking, how wrong was I!

My original organisation SIAD is a part of the Yellow Vests, so I have followed the string of messages of the Yellow vests on my Facebook page.

They are my people! A French version of Bernie Sanders, a new perspective on workers rights and a new hope!

You know, I sat there and read the whole manifestation, and I couldn’t find a thing that I disagreed about. It is not a communist movement, it is a democratic movement. The people is trying to regain the power over the overlords of the elite.

In that sense, it is French Revolution classic. Beautiful, wonderful. I hope you succeed.

You even put a tear in my eye, so long have I fought for the peoples of Europe to wake up, and understand, that they are the true heirs of Europe, not some tin pot bureaucrat.

Now, can you listen to them, bureaucrats? Hear their words, give them space, accept their voice, or are you just going to try and shut it down.

I really hope, that this revolution will suceed. Not only for my own ambition, I want to suceed in this race against the clock of the workers dying out. But also because this hope!

G-d bless the will of the Yellow Vests.

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