The United Kingdom

It is quite obvious, that the deal for Britain, as it stands, is no deal. Without having all the details, it seems quite obvious, that the deal that Mrs. May has crafted simply will not satisfy the British public. Well, as I see it, it is because it does not address what is really important; the needs of the remainers and brexiteers. It adresses the needs of the UK in opposition to EU.

So most of the true discussions that needs to be had; that is how do we find common ground between remainers and Brexiteers in the UK, has not even been begun.

Instead of taking the absolute arrogant EU into consideration, then perhaps it was time to initiate what is really the matter; how do ends meet in the UK now?

There are many essential discussion; what do we do with all the migrants in the UK being on the top of the list.

But also, and perhaps more positive; what is the new role of the UK in the world. There are many areas around the world that is dependent on the development of UK thought in terms of governance and inspiration. How do we take a more constructive role in this area.

There are trade deals to be made, and perhaps a reneassance of British thought, government, ideology and spirit.

In order to survive, you need be alive and fight for your little spot in the sun.

A no deal will give you a chance to truly discuss what you want with your country. There are so many possibilities with the young generation wanting to do something with their lives.

So, as I see it. It is not about us, we are not young anymore, it is about handing on a world and a system for our young to prosper in.

That should be the aim of the discussion.

Maybe have a bit of that that heady utopian brew. See the opportunities and the possibilities.

Make a sound frame for the next generation to inherit.

Be founding fathers of new state, that will carry those of less favorable disposition, but also give room for those strong in will and initiative.

Remember the poor, but also support those who will carry the country forward trough their ideas, hard work and spirit.

G-d bless the fair islands of the English, Walisian, Scottish and Irish.

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