When you Change something, it has to come from somewhere and then be changed into something.

My political travel started as a revolutionary urge to really change the society I was a part of. That is a Socialdemocratic state with a weak faith.

I wanted to fix all the problems, and make a new state, that was strong, wise and humane.

But as a philosopher, I didn’t start out without knowing anything about what we came from. I had studied it thoroughly, to find out where things had one wrong, and what to do about it.

At that time, I didn’t know much about the Frankfurterschool and cultural Marxism, I went straight to the source, Marx, and tried to understand that.

My relationship to Marxism is a little special, since we are in the same family. A bit distant, but my family comes from the German city Trier (hence my name), and I therefor have a more generational feeling about Marx than a deep hatred many have for Marx.

He was my ancestor, so I believe it is my right to change his system into something better.

What I realized along the way was, that he had done some serious mistakes. He wanted to copy Sparta as an ideal, but he did not respect the ideas of Lycurgus, the philosophical founder of Sparta. So he made a inconsequential system. It does not work, because the architecture of his ideas are simply not of a sufficient quality.

So, I wanted to Change that, and remake the system into to something that actually work. Hence the work Barack and I did in his presidency.

It all starts with what is really the core of our philosophy; the community.

What is important, is for the community to work. If the community doesn’t work, the city doesn’t work, then the state doesn’t work and the federation doesn’t work. The community is the cornerstone of our philosophy.

How do we make a community work? We make it work be sharing in between healthy familiies. When we meet in church, it is more than just a haphazard meeting of people, it is family time.

Beneath the community lies another building brick, and that is the family. The reason why I stress this piece of society, is because Aristotle say so. Aristotle is the founder of Democracy, and in his view a sound Democracy is founded on sound families. So the Democratic faith needs a democratic family to work.

The next level, meeting in church, is also something I have in my Change of Marx. According to Marx, we live in a materialistic society. That is wrong to me, G-d is alive. Killing G-d was a mistake, I truly believe, that in order to make a society work, you need the ethical guideline of spirituality.

As Marx went away from G-d in his rejection of Hegel, I return to G-d in my rejection of Marx on this point. See? The line of thought goes from Hegel to Marx to Trier. In fact, you could say, that since Hegel is a part of German thought, that is Kant and Goethe and further back to Luther and the German rennaessance, in a sense we are dealing in unbroken line with a development of ideas that go at least five hundred years back. It is not superficial. But an attempt at really improving a system that has its flaws.

If you step up from the community you see that you meet a democratic system. The community is based in a city, that is in a state, that is in a federation. These are all democratic entitites.

On this level, I believe, that we need to keep one good thing of Marx, that of progressive tax. The idea is actually not his own, but something he got from Democritus.

Democritus idea, was to make a more equal society, so that harmony would be the result.

It works ok, but the problem about this tax system is, that is demotivates those people who are really good at making money, and then drives the society around.

Therefor you need another set of motivational incentives to shower on those who are really helping and supporting the community.

A really good example of this is the work of Steve Jobs in Apple. The reason why he built the I pad, was because he saw that people do not read anymore, so he wanted to make a device that helps people do that. That is true support of the American community, and should be given all the attention and support one could possibly give it.

There can also be tax excempts to people who support their local community in other ways.

This will recreate the connection between industrial owners and workers, recreating the might of American industry and giving jobs back to all those poor workers that have no jobs.

This process is also working very well, the industry of the US is back on track and we are having ourselves a true comeback.

On top of this philosophical construct is the true heart of the whole shebang, the shining city on the top of the hill. Why is shining? Because that is what humanism is all about, enlightenment, humanism, seeing each individual in its glory.

See? It is an architectural contruction, that is beginning to work.

You have sucessfully moved on to the next generation of philosophers, you have Changed and are all building a good society for the future generations.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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