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Well, I believe that all good philosophy needs to base its ideas on a thorough knowledge of the constructs of society. Bad political ideas leads to bad societies, it is that simple. Good quality ideas lead to good societies.

Therefor please let me be clear about the foundation of my philosophy, it is good.

The basic idea, that the democratic society is based on community of families is not something I invented, it is a principle of Aristotle.

That is the way he believes a democratic society should be constructed.

Aristotle was a leading light of the DEMOCRATIC cause of the Hellenes, and apart from Plato, the best thinker of the classic time.

If you compare Aristotle and Plato, there is an important relationship you have to be aware of. Plato was actually not really a believer in the Democratic constitution of Athens (Athens being the mothercity of all democracies in an Hellenic mould), he was a part of the SPARTAN faction of Athens. This means a lot, because you cannot just take all Platos ideas, and see them as inherently democratic.

Plato was actually a proto Marxist.

Being the pupil of Plato, Aristotle rebelled against this view, and pledged himself 100% FOR democracy. So if we want to really know how the Hellenes viewed Democracy, Aristotle is really the best choice.

In his political work Politics, he is quite specific. A democratic society rests on a community of families.

This was, most probably, how the original Democracy worked, so this is a principle we can apply to a modern Democracy with the knowledge that the idea comes from the highest quality source. So the chance that it will actually work in real life is the best possible.

As the American society evolves, and develops into a more Democratic society again, this principle will strengthen the society in general and make America stronger.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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