The low birthrate

There is a huge crisis in the Western world concerning child birth. The birthrate is really bad, and if we do not do something, we will simply cease to exist.

This is primarialy due to communism or rather socialism.

The simple equation is, that if the state takes care of you, and not the family, there is not real incentive to get children.

It is actually the same problem Sparta encountered (Sparta is the ideal city of communism). It worked for 700 hundred years, but in the end it died out because the birthdate was too slow.

The family as an institution has been an unrivaled success since it started in Egypt all these thousand years ago.

You can see, that nations that is supported by healthy families are the most succesfull.

So to turn the negative trend of Western Europe concerning the low birthrate. An active family police that promotes family values and support families in general is the true cure of the problems we face nowadays.

G-d bless the family as an institution of love.

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