Political correctness run amok

Tommy Robinson and I started, more or less, in the same political sphere. In fact, Tommy Robinson used to be good friends with SIAD, the organization I started my political career in, or whatever you call it.

So, I have followed Tommy Robinson closely for many years, and my feeling is, that he reads this blog. So hi Tommy, hope you are ok. We met once in Aarhus when EDL came to Denmark, remember?

Anyway, this is not to delve into the whereabouts of mr. Robinson. He has had his fight, as have I mine.

One of the greatest tragedies of modern security work, to my mind, is the fact, that the domestic police forces have turned villain to hero, and hero to villain.

Both Tommy and I are not racists or gung ho imperialists. Tommy is a sort of migrant himself, having Irish descent.

Me as well, my father was from Bangladesh. Yet, we have been at the sharp end of police work.

Tommy has been put in jail many times, and the secret police has harassed me innumerable times. Among these things killing my mother, and torturing my child.

What is going on? I mean, I understand, that the police worries about us having too loud a voice. But both Tommy and I have been very careful not to tread on anyone’s toes. We have repeatedly given a wide berth to the scum of the right. Nazies and so on.

We are liberal, what is left of the socialist workers.

We have seen how the abandonment of the academia to our cause has left us to rot. Therefor we have tried, with legal means, to make new liberal paths.

Accepting different minorities, not being racist. But being critical towards Islam. Because they are a threat to the commonwealth.

I mean, when I worked with Obama, bless him, people loved the Change we made. Because the ideas we have are absolutely including of all of colour. It is a unifying, positive ideology that shares and keeps people together. As we used to say, together we stand, divided we fall.

When the state does atrocities as they have done to us, going back is almost impossible, and so going forward seems to be the only possible way.

So the atrocities are piled on atrocities.

But there is a stopping point, and honestly, I hope this is it for Tommy and me.

In Denmark, the former chief of PET has been sacked, and is prosecuted. Fine with me, but can we please also move on with Tommy?

He is all that stands between you and utter chaos. And as Luton is the worker suburb of Oxford, the destiny is shared between the academics and the worker community there. It should be obvious.

So, maybe reconsider Tommy? He is a good guy, and I truly vouch for him. Go on Tommy, we have your back.

G-d bless the will of England, the fair isles of beautiful meadows.

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